Chris Jobling’s Stories

This is an archive of the tweet chat stories that I originally created on Storify ( between July 2014 and December 2017. I created it as a response to the announcement that Storify service was being retired in May 2018.

A screenshot of my Storify archive at it was on 21st December 2017.

How I made this

Storify has provided an export feature which is able to save a published story as HTML5, XML or JSON. I used the HTML5 option which creates a single web page with the images, styles and JavaScript embedded then used my browser’s Save page as Webpage, complete feature to create a complete local copy of the page and all its assets.

I created a new public project on GitHub ( and used the GitHub Pages feature to create a static website repository of these saved stories that is accessible via

By archiving a couple of handfuls of stories per session, the whole process took a few days.

Furthermore, the whole archive is just a set of files on my PC and I can create numerous copies. Git provides version control and support for distributed replication, so there’s no danger of losing the archive, even if GitHub shuts down.

Plus the archive, in the gh-pages branch of the repository, is just a static website and can be hosted on any server.

What’s next

I’ve demonstrated a solution to the archiving of a set of stories but the solution to the problem of curation of tweet chats is still open.

The Archive

  1. #lrnchat - 22nd December 2017
  2. #SocMedHE17
  3. #AdaLovelaceDay 2017 #ALD17
  4. Summer community-led pop-up #LTHEChat
  5. Open - what do we value? #openedsig #altc
  6. SALT Conference 2017 (#susalt17)
  7. #BYOD4L and #CreativeHE Creations
  8. My Day Curating for #BYOD4L
  9. #BYOD4L Introductions and Connecting
  10. Students as Co-Creators: Integrating Research and Learning
  11. #OneNoteQ TweetMeet
  12. #LTHEChat 66 - the growth of the network
  13. Lecture capture
  14. #OneNoteQ Tweetmeet
  15. Swansea University SALT Conference 2016
  16. #HEWhitePaper
  17. Micromouse Conflict Finals
  18. #OER16 Day 1
  19. #GuildChat Readdress the LMS
  20. Wondering while wandering at #digifest16 – #WWW16 with @chrissinerantzi curated by me!
  21. #HEAchat/#LTHEchat February 2016
  22. #LTHEchat No 44 : Using music creatively to enhance non-music teaching
  23. HEA STEM Conference 2016 After Party
  24. HEA STEM Conference Day 1
  25. HEA STEM Conference 2016 - Day 2
  26. #LTHEchat No 43 with Prof. Norman Jackson
  27. Unofficial story of final #BYOD4Lchat
  28. Examples of useful curated resources (BYOD4L Jan 2016)
  29. My Tweets and Favourites
  30. #LTHEChat #byod4lchat - January 2014
  31. #RUL12AoC
  32. Tony Hirst on Data Wrangling
  33. #BYOD4Lchat: curating!

Chris Jobling
21st December 2017

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