#LTHEchat No 43 with Prof. Norman Jackson

This LTHEchat explored how, what, why and when creativity emerges from and through our own developmental projects – be they personal, professional and/or organisational.

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  5. #LTHEchat @lifewider1 Norman also suggests bringing some examples of where you have tried to develop, or innovate in, your own practice.
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  11. #LTHEchat @LTHEchat
Starting at 8pm
Prof. Norman Jackson
‘Exploring Creativity in Development’ https://t.co/W8ALX747lT
    #LTHEchat @LTHEchat Starting at 8pm Prof. Norman Jackson ‘Exploring Creativity in Development’ pic.twitter.com/W8ALX747lT
  12. @lifewider1 @neilwithnell @LTHEchat Project Embedding study skills in a nursing programme rqd creativity and was multifaceted #LTHEchat -
  13. Delivering 3 hr mind map training to 25 people on computers @wlvunionasc from Yorkshire via Skype rqd creativity #LTHEchat
  14. @lifewider1 @wlvunionasc troubleshooting, persuasion, collaboration, trial run, listening,problem-solving, creating activities #LTHEchat
  15. Hello and welcome to the #LTHEchat the topic Norman will be discussing with us in a few minutes will be: Exploring Creativity in Development
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  17. 8pm #LTHEchat @lifewider1 How what why and when creativity emerges from and through personal, prof and organisational developmental projects
  18. Are you ready? Let’s make a start, first some how it works and what to do info in case its your first time #LTHEchat ...
  19. #LTHEchat We will precede questions with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. To answer a question add A1, A2, A3 etc.
  20. #LTHEchat We will precede questions with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. To answer a question add A1, A2, A3 etc.
  21. Always include the #LTHEchat hashtag and an answer number in your tweets, this helps track the discussion during the chat and in the Storify
  22. On a slow bandwidth this evening will see how we go. #LTHEchat
  23. Not sure i’m up to keeping up with #LTHEchat tonight but the topic looks too good to miss
  24. Q1 What does being creative mean to you in your work as a teacher, developer or other educational practitioner? #LTHEchat
  25. #LTHEchat A1 creativity is - facilitating learning in a way that captivates all of your learners in new and meaningful ways
  26. A1. #LTHEchat pushing at the edges, trying new approaches, testing out alternative ways of thinking or doing, having some fun ;)
  27. A1 Coming up with novel solutions. having fun, doing things differently, taking risks #LTHEchat
  28. A1 I am chemist., Creativity is synthesis: combining known elements to make some new and possible better then evidencing it. #LTHEchat
  29. A1 Being flexible in approach, trying out new things and relying less on reams of text! #LTHEchat @LTHEchat
  30. A1 trying new ways, adding a different dimension #LTHEchat
  31. @LTHEchat A1 Being able to think outside the box, or whilst in the box being innovative. #LTHECHAT
  32. A1 it means developing concepts or ideas, or adapting them to answer a specific need. Failing sometimes #LTHEchat
  33. @LTHEchat A1 Finding ways to overcome learning barriers is how I use my creativity every day #LTHEchat
  34. A1 being creative helps with my students' engagement #LTHEchat
  35. A1. The obvious aside (I work in an arts discipline), it means finding innovative solutions, e.g. unusual ways of teaching sthing. #LTHEchat
  36. @S_J_Lancaster Creativity is not JUST physical ;) thought can be creative too #LTHECHAT
  37. A1 creativity means doing things differently, challenging thinking, pushing boundaries #LTHEchat
  38. A1. Bringing fun or unconventional approaches to boring/hard to reach topics #LTHEchat
  39. @LTHEchat A1Being ready to be open to new ideas, try something different, or do things in a different order, and think "why not?"#lthechat
  40. A1 way of life, don't know anything different, but then part of my creativity is about helping me to navigate my dyslexia #LTHEchat
  41. #LTHEchat A1 not being afraid to try something different
  42. Also it's not just about outcomes or products, using difft spaces, mediums, changing the process can just as impt. A1. #lthechat
  43. A1: there must be a way to engage these guys ... control theory *is* interesting ... honest! #lthechat
  44. Oh, I’m liking this tweet chat already, so much good stuff #LTHEchat
  45. A1 Creativity in my role involves thinking beyond the present, the obvious. Iteration as powerful as originality. #LTHEchat
  46. A1 the word 'innovative' is already creeping in here. What do people mean? Are they just using it as a synonym for creativity. #LTHEchat
  47. @anortcliffe Interesting way to put it - navigating dyslexia - makes a lot of sense #LTHEchat
  48. .@santanuvasant #lthechat but being creative doesn't always mean being innovative does it (not a rhetorical question) A1.? #lthechat
  49. A1 As I tell my students: stop rephrasing Q1 and answer it. #LTHEchat
  50. #LTHEchat hello everyone..bit late:( but made it in time for Q1
  51. @LTHEchat #LTHECHAT A1 and of course emotional instability is one BIG factor that can kill creativity.
  52. A1 trusting instincts, taking a line for walk, stumbling with confidence, accepting uncertainty and (temporary) chaos #Lthechat
  53. @S_J_Lancaster creative can be about reusing an account idea, technology etc, not necessarily innovating (so 2015) #LTHEchat
  54. .@58R @LTHEchat does it? Must it? Isn't the best music made by the miserable? #LTHEchat
  55. A1 taking old ideas and reinventing them to new contexts #LTHEchat
  56. A1: Addressing L&T (or pastoral) needs of my students in way that I never explored/considered before. Light-bulb > Implementation #LTHEchat
  57. @jtardy81 so you'd place a lower burden of novelty on creativity than innovation? #LTHEchat
  58. Q2 What sort of things do you do in your work that requires/inspires you to be creative? Where is the most creative potential? #LTHEchat
  59. Or students that creativity in plagarism when just apply themselves to the learning @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat
  60. A1. (to paraphrase a recent conference speaker) thinking you can't do something but finding a way to do it anyway. #LTHEchat
  61. @neilwithnell A1: I like the idea of "adding dimensions": What more can be done in this learning space? If student-led = better #LTHEchat
  62. @drdjwalker #LTHEchat you get a lot of resistance 'it's always been this way', 'nothing will change'-not sure what you can do apart from try
  63. @DrPaulKleiman I'd call that being courageous and open to serendipity? #LTHEchat
  64. A2 coming up with new ways of being active in lectures #lthechat
  65. Adding, and adapting them, even creating new synergies @Chri5rowell #LTHEchat
  66. A2. New curriculum ; new year; talking with peers #LTHEchat
  67. #LTHEchat A2. Completely unpredictable could be when working alongside others, on a journey to a meeting, being inspired by a book I've read
  68. @S_J_Lancaster @jtardy81 can be about having insight to apply ideas from unrelated places - new connections as novel as new ideas #LTHEchat
  69. A2 always thinking "can I do this differently?" is there another way? #LTHEchat
  70. .@58R @LTHEchat ok but that's a timescale issue. Can't we be sufficiently miserable long enough to be creative? #LTHEchat
  71. A2 as a learning tech, being on the receiving end of teachers needs necessitate finding satisfactory solutions #LTHEchat
  72. A2. The most creative potential lies in initiatives that haven't been tried before, I'd have said. #LTHEchat
  73. #LTHEchat Yes, to what I'm reading. But what in a programme develops student creativity, and doesn't just release it?
  74. #LTHEchat am very lucky that my job allows for a large dollop of creativity... A2.
  75. A2 Student feedback, especially informal ones such as blank looks. #LTHEchat
  76. A2. Of course, creativity isn't guaranteed even with a new initiative. #LTHEchat
  77. A2 trying to think of ways to engage people, solving specific problems #LTHEchat
  78. @Chris_Wiley Finding new ways to do old things or new things in there own right? #LTHEchat
  79. @KatesSoper @drdjwalker and you end up with #you always get what you always did if you do what you've always done #LTHEchat
  80. Depends on your field? I'd see creation/creativity as something "new", innovate as adapting an idea @S_J_Lancaster @jtardy81 #LTHEchat
  81. A2 + team meeting are always an occasion to challenge one's creativity #LTHEchat
  82. .@anortcliffe yes, I know many where their best work is avoiding doing stuff! #LTHEchat
  83. @jtardy81 Yes this is the aspect of a LT/developer role that demands most creativity but also most rewarding. Often a partnership #LTHEchat
  84. #LTHEchat A2. Collaborating with colleagues, new contacts, students often fertile ground for creativity, challenges your own mindset.
  85. A2 Exploring the potential of a new technology that has potential for enhancing learning ... #lthechat
  86. #LTHEchat A2 - being able to talk with colleagues helps me bring new ideas to light & the sharing of each other's skills
  87. A2 I am not sure I can identify one most creative potential - creating teaching resources, engaging in dialogue with students. #LTHEchat
  88. @dave_thesmith I think both. Ultimately every new idea has roots in older ones, I'd have said (others may disagree). #LTHEchat
  89. #LTHEchat A2 find others who want to make things better, who are excited and positive and stick with them, make commitments. Motivational
  90. Rubbish signal on the train :-( Will try and catch up! #LTHEchat
  91. A2 When faced with colleagues seemingly 'stuck' in apparently intractable situations #LTHEchat
  92. #LTHEchat A2 blogging is where I am currently most creative, but I really enjoyed planning engaging lessons when I was teaching.
  93. .@Chris_Wiley so agree I've been involved in some supremely Uncreative new initiatives ugh. #LTHEchat
  94. @iantindal Some of the best ideas arrive after conversations with students who present a problem that needs addressing #LTHEchat
  95. #LTHEchat A2 I've been trying different tech and developing new ways to assess students eg vlogs for reflective modules
  96. Distraction from reality, my house was always spotless, when dissteration to write @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat
  97. @LTHEchat Create a safe learning environment where it's OK to fail....#LTHEchat
  98. A2. ideas from outreach activities- amazed what can be taken from STEM(in my case) activities in schools into HE, and vice-versa.#LTHEchat
  99. @LTHEchat A2Teaching students with v different needs/aims/expectations (eg EAP module for home, EU and international sts) #LTHEchat
  100. A2 My colleagues inspire my creativity, truly understanding issues, needs and requirements can itself demand a creative approach. #LTHEchat
  101. Is twitter making us have adapt and think to work round their constraints @jtardy81 @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat
  102. A2 I place myself in high-stress situations and rely on the adrenalin to raise my game. #LTHEchat cf #HEASTEM16
  103. @lifewider1 Creativity can be found everywhere in teaching and research. Not sure about admin #lthechat
  104. @lifewider1 A2, I think there is potential for creativity in most of my work, life is a long string of action inquiries #LTHEchat
  105. @lifewider1 In terms of potential I think yes. But new initiatives might nonetheless give rise to commonplace solutions. #LTHEchat
  106. @anortcliffe @jtardy81 I hope so. What would 10k characters do to #LTHEchat? Nothing good.
  107. @lifewider1 (and old initiatives to creative ones, for that matter) #LTHEchat
  108. Q3 Think of a particular educational or professional developmental project - at what points did your creativity emerge within it? #LTHEchat
  109. @dave_thesmith @lifewider1 there's potential in admin ... and frankly it could do with a bit of creativity! #lthechat
  110. @anortcliffe @S_J_Lancaster then it's abt being creative around those constraints ...and/or innovative? #LTHEchat
  111. Hello all A2 I feel most creative when talking through ideas with others in a casual kind of way. Inspiring to bounce ideas around #LTHEchat
  112. .@LTHEchat A2 Inspiring and encouraging HE staff to use technology in their teaching and supporting it creativity is needed. #LTHEchat
  113. Or the ability to look at something another way, come at lft field @Chris_Wiley @dave_thesmith #LTHEchat
  114. #LTHEchat A2. I try not to get trapped in bubble of people doing/thinking similar things to me, stepping outside sparks my creativity.
  115. A2 There’s room for creativity in all aspects of my job, I don’t always rise to the challenge. Sometimes it feels too hard #LTHEchat
  116. @DrMarjWilson @KatesSoper Resistance tends to stem from uncertainty. Uncertainty is rife in HE and often self-inflicted. #LTHEchat
  117. Anyone mentioned FUN, PLAY, ADVENTURE, EXPLORATION, FEAR... #LTHEchat
  118. @cpjobling @lifewider1 I have found creative ways of getting out of it, or doing it effectively #LTHEchat
  119. @SaraPMHouston I like a bit of that then some on my own time to get focused and productive #LTHEchat
  120. Creative is evidently another of the long list of words that is contested to be the point of being no more than a totem #LTHEchat
  121. #LTHEchat A3 I tend to get overexcited at the beginning & write all ideas down to see what could work and what was creative overexcitement
  122. A3 I'll probably remember loads later ... but at the moment I'm struggling! Should have done the pre chat prep. #lthechat
  123. A3. I guess it was when I stopped following other people's ideas and started having my own. #LTHEchat
  124. A3 Creativity needed at the point I get stuck or frustrated - ‘easy’ tasks more prone to taking the ‘obvious’ #LTHEchat @LTHEchat
  125. @gsritchie yes, occasionally can be a challenge too far - need to focus #LTHEchat
  126. @jess1ecat no, that's true, it doesn't but it is about new ideas to create something / be inventive #LTHEchat
  127. @Chris_Wiley took the words out of my mouth! Always new approaches! #LTHEchat
  128. A3 aha, professional, I guess that excludes the shower! #LTHEchat
  129. A3 having to develop a complexity grading system and got helped by a great colleague, we got creative together! #LTHEchat
  130. A3 use of 3D models in lectures, for engagement linking past experience to a current issue #lthechat  http://f1000research.com/articles/5-61/v1 
  131. Goodnight #LTHEchat folks. Thanks to new followers! Must dash 🐎🐎🐎🐎
  132. @S_J_Lancaster Hehe - there is something about being in a different space though. Long train journeys often my most creative time #LTHEchat
  133. @FabioArico providing variety, blending digital spaces and face to face #LTHEchat
  134. A2 Everything I do; Mother-hood, Wife, Teach, Research,Teach, Assess, Learn, Read, Write , I embody creativity #LTHEchat
  135. A3 "in dialogue" by which I mean to include both conversations and during interactive learning and teaching #LTHEchat
  136. #LTHEchat A3. Using social media to create an international community of practice for socme research, lots of creativity needed #NSMNSS
  137. A3 thinking how to engage different people, we get creative then rein it back in to what is possible #LTHEchat
  138. A3 When joining a new project I tend to get creative around the point where I feel I have started to bond with the project. #LTHEchat
  139. @jess1ecat @LTHEchat A1 They have 2 know they won't get a "row", lose all their marks, or "look stoopid". Unleashes amazing power! #LTHEchat
  140. A3: In the middle of it: when the idea is applied in the classroom and student response helps to improve it and make it effective #LTHEchat
  141. @DrPaulKleiman Fun so important - some of my best tutorials have involved play-doh ..... #LTHEchat
  142. A3 more a question when it didn't, for me no research project ever finishes, just opens another can of worms, questions, new ideas #LTHEchat
  143. A3 came up with a new approch to a sessio while on a bike ride with an old PhD friend #LTHEchat
  144. A3 Struggling to identify a point. For me ideas evolve over time. They come, go, develop, fizzle out, reemerge. All have merit. #LTHEchat
  145. A3 Having no clue about how to approach a particular session, throwing caution to the wind and trying something new #LTHEchat
  146. @dave_thesmith That was my point :) Twitter needs an irony indicator! #LTHEchat
  147. #LTHEchat A3. live research projects for local charities to give students a real-world taste of applied research, creative & beneficial.
  148. @iantindal When creative possibilities start to form I know I can be of use andthere is likely to be some worth in the project. #LTHEchat
  149. Q4 What circumstances caused your creativity to emerge in this particular developmental scenario? #LTHEchat
  150. @gsritchie Of course, *I* think I was being creative, others might have said I was being chaotic #LTHEchat
  151. @drdjwalker me too I think, though definitely at the beginning and always when I have the most energy & enthusiasm #LTHEchat
  152. @LTHEchat A3 A need to find "a way around" or ditch the lesson plan eg power cut, student with visual impairment, my lost voice #LTHEchat
  153. A4 Having to deal with the unknown (that sounds cryptic) #lthechat
  154. .@LTHEchat A3 At a bottleneck or difficult point when new ideas were needed to go over the barrier #LTHEchat
  155. A4 angst of pursuing a dull project for a year? Creativity is fun #LTHEchat
  156. #LTHEchat A3 that's a tricky question, anything where I stop to think is there another way to do this? will it make things better?
  157. @JennyLewinJones @LTHEchat One of my creative solutions to the latter was to turn up to a conference with a microphone & amplifier!#LTHEchat
  158. A4 the clash of ideas, current issues with past experience. Joining dots between the two seamingly unrelated events #LTHEchat
  159. @Dorothy_Aidulis @jess1ecat @LTHEchat I build in retrospective review element so thy can gain credit for reflecting on experiments #LTHEchat
  160. #LTHEchat A4. For me it's often when things get stuck, stop working or being engaging, that it forces me to take... https://t.co/vCMvG42EhE
    #LTHEchat A4. For me it's often when things get stuck, stop working or being engaging, that it forces me to take... pic.twitter.com/vCMvG42EhE
  161. A4. Hitting a roadblock where I had to tread a new path to progress. #mixedmetaphors #LTHEchat
  162. @scottturneruon definitely but it’s scary, especially if you’re a bit of a control freak. That’s the risk taking bit #LTHEchat
  163. A3 not just the shower - lots of creative ideas/solution come to me doing routine tasks #lthechat  https://twitter.com/lifewider1/status/689906947462684672 
  164. .@LTHEchat A4 Difficulties, barriers, difficult problems that needed different thinking, ideas and new ways to deal with problem #LTHEchat
  165. A4: ethical concerns, necessity to increase engagement with project, data analysis needs, student feedback on practice. #LTHEchat
  166. A4 wanting to extend engagement needs creativity when the status quo isn't working #LTHEchat
  167. #LTHEchat A4 usually out of frustration!Cant keep trying the same things&expecting different results-discussions &explorations of new ideas
  168. @lifewider1 A4 the energy and enthusiasm comes from thinking freely about things, when I have ownership over what I am doing #LTHEchat
  169. @KEHplantsci @S_J_Lancaster Or more frustratingly car journeys - I have to keep stopping at services to scribble sometimes. #LTHEchat
  170. #LTHEchat. Have got to leave. Will this chat be Storified? Au revoir, colleagues.
  171. #LTHEchat Q4 Honestly? From a lack of confidence and trying to "prove" myself in an area where I felt I was comparatively inexperienced
  172. #LTHEchat A3 most creative not at the time of conversation or planning but in the moments of quiet and "brain in neutral"
  173. @SaraPMHouston So true. When I'm overrun and sapped of energy ideas don't come easily. Need space to think, reflect and discuss #LTHEchat
  174. A3 going for a run with colleagues promotes random discussion and creativity #LTHEchat
  175. A4 Just space & thinking time to muddle things over, walking, cycling, swimming, running. I do one of these each day, #LTHEchat
  176. @JennyLewinJones forgot about those- it is true the unexpected can have an inspiring effect(just not too many times in a session) #LTHEchat
  177. A4 #lthechat when time is against you and you have to put something together
  178. @LindaOpen A3 I agree, or cycling, kayaking, surfing anything where its not convenient to write thoughts down! #LTHEchat
  179. @LTHEchat Talking to someone outside the situation - my poor hubby is brill when I get stuck and then I start generating ideas! #LTHEchat
  180. #LTHEchat Parting shot: the 'creative moment' often arrives when you've turned away/given up on the 'problem' you're trying to solve.
  181. But some they just go round & round block go nowhere, @58R & I had stu' there today, way through talking with others @Chris_Wiley #LTHEchat
  182. Liking the observations about creativity on the hoof and having space and time to be creative. #LTHEchat
  183. @lifewider1 I've tried *performing* with students, since we're all musicians. A complete game-changer. #LTHEchat
  184. @gsritchie Hehe- I in computing- we are probably the biggest bunch of control freaks #LTHEchat
  185. @iantindal @LindaOpen this seems to be a theam, change the setting and see where it takes you #LTHEchat
  186. RT @DrPaulKleiman #LTHEchat "the 'creative moment' often arrives when you've turned away/given up on the 'problem' you're trying to solve."
  187. @lifewider1 @LindaOpen was invited to go paintballing by my students....not sure of their intentions though... #LTHEchat
  188. @lifewider1 my students all distance learners, perhaps I should get them to run to each other! #LTHEchat
  189. In the shower in the morn', after giving up the night before @DrPaulKleiman #LTHEchat
  190. #LTHEchat got to dip out and apply some creative thinking to tonight's dinner! Great to chat again everyone.
  191. A4 Desire. Drive. When these fall into line for me I am at my best. #LTHEchat
  192. Some are and some aren't, some are creative, some just implement there is a spectrum @scottturneruon @gsritchie #LTHEchat
  193. @anortcliffe @58R A pity when you end up going round in circles, but I guess creativity is never guaranteed. #LTHEchat
  194. Q5 How did your creativity express itself in this particular developmental scenario? #LTHEchat
  195. There are people who are not creative, I work with someone, who says "What I am to do, Anne what I am to do" @lifewider1 #LTHEchat
  196. @Chris_Wiley @lifewider1 All mine are remote but I hve played them some of my music and they create song and music for assignments #LTHEchat
  197. @gsritchie I think computing as an area is incredibly creative, so perhaps a bit chaos/randomness might be a good thing. #LTHEchat
  198. A5 realising there was a different approch to a problem or setting that could be done #lthechat
  199. I once had men in a work team complain about the women all discussing things without them - post run changing room chat! #LTHEchat
  200. Thing is this going round round is alien to @58R and me, so hard sometimes others out of it @Chris_Wiley #lthechat
  201. .@LTHEchat A5 With new ideas or ways of doing the same thing that could yield better results #LTHEchat
  202. A5 Decided not to do what I was supposed to do, took a totally different tack and crossed my fingers #LTHEchat
  203. Maybe each one take a turn at leading by periscoping their home run to others :-) #LTHEchat
  204. A5. Either an 'elegant solution' emerges, or one that makes people say 'hmm, I wouldn't have thought of that'. #LTHEchat
  205. @scottturneruon agree. Have had long arguments with relative who works in the arts and things creativity is confined to them #LTHEchat
  206. @lifewider1 @neilwithnell all the simple solutions were applied early and the problem has built up resistance #LTHEchat
  207. @lifewider1 @neilwithnell @gsritchie complexity often forces creativity as we look for paths round obstacles #LTHEchat
  208. #lthechat A5 deciding to ditch PowerPoint and teach off the cuff
  209. A5. Then there's the whole can of worms about how one evaluates creativity and the success (or not) of a creative initiative. #LTHEchat
  210. A5 I don't feel it's for me to judge my creativity. If my ideas enrich, improve, resolve then I've done my job. That's the aim #LTHEchat
  211. A5 shower of ideas, learnt to filter only take through the important, my problem is stopping the ideas, ...#LTHEchat
  212. RT @TupsTweets #lthechat A5 deciding to ditch PowerPoint and teach off the cuff < anyone been creative with PowerPoint?
  213. ... new job year resulted every day awake 5am bing deluge of ideas #LTHEchat
  214. #LTHEchat Loitering watching this evening's debate. Just wondered, and maybe this has been answered previously, what is creativity?
  215. @chrissinerantzi @Chris_Wiley @lifewider1 @petergossman #LTHEchat Patchwork text and media uses poetry, comic strip, anime, music etc...
  216. @lifewider1 #lthechat I agree - for me creativity and inspiration lies in collaboration with students as well as staff.
  217. @Chris_Wiley creativity will only flourish if credit is given to trying but failing as well as being successful #LTHEchat
  218. @anortcliffe My past PhD student told me I create to many ideas and should focus, do that more now and filter out the noise #lthechat
  219. #LTHEchat Instilling confidence in others always requires one to be creative. In turn, this new confidence triggers creativity.
  220. @S_J_Lancaster @TrabiMechanic why am i second billing? I built the sodding boat. Did you think an owl could handle power tools? #LTHEchat
  221. Only use PPT as aid memoir as a work around to my dyslexia anaphasia, @TupsTweets #LTHEchat
  222. @LindaOpen @Chris_Wiley don't be afraid to try, what is failure in this instance? #LTHEchat
  223. @cpjobling very few that I've seen. PowerPoint has its uses....but not sure why some are so keen on it #LTHEchat
  224. @LindaOpen Yes, very true - but of course management will want to see (positive) results which can stifle risk-taking creativity. #LTHEchat
  225. .@gsritchie, yes I've had that argument - maybe perhaps they need to look at what happens in Makerspaces , PiJams, Hackerthons. #LTHEchat
  226. Q6 What are the implications of the way creativity emerged for encouraging student/staff creativity in your work contexts? #LTHEchat
  227. I have built in filter it called short term memory loss function, ie being dyslexic, fly like leaves in the wind @dave_thesmith #lthechat
  228. @Chris_Wiley @LindaOpen agreed, failure so often overused, attempts should be rewarded on their merits #LTHEchat
  229. @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen '(positive) results' as distinct from just 'results' -since a 'result' of some kind will always emerge #LTHEchat
  230. A6 I can see where this question is going. But there isn't a recipe for creativity. We can just encourage and facilitate. #LTHEchat
  231. A6 you can't force creativity to happen, you can foster it. #lthechat
  232. @TupsTweets maybe there's creativity in avoiding "death by powerpoint" while forcing yourself to use PowerPoint. #lthechat
  233. @gsritchie useful approach, often called subversive (by those suppressing creativity)? Advise "Proceed until apprehended" #LTHEchat
  234. @hack_kay @cpjobling yes, good for lectures, structuring delivery & showing visuals. Yes, a tool. #LTHEchat
  235. A6 got colleagues to engage,noticed more engagement with students. Reason also is content can be showcased in a sillier way too #LTHEchat
  236. A5. Preparing a lesson but not teaching it, because the lecture goes where the students need it to, not where I supposed it might. #LTHEchat
  237. @DiverseLearners @gsritchie do we suppress creativity? I think we just do too little to encourage. #LTHEchat
  238. @LTHEchat A6 Must think creatively to get around the problem of lack of time and space for interaction #LTHEchat
  239. @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen I suppose a positive result might be a solution, rather than a temporary fix that subsequently reverts #LTHEchat
  240. @simonrae love the way you're ensuring that the storify will be beautifully illustrated! #lthechat
  241. @HEASTEM right tools for the right job at the right time used in the right way. #LTHEchat
  242. @S_J_Lancaster @DiverseLearners yes, maybe not suppress but don’t create the conditions for it to flourish #LTHEchat
  243. #LTHEchat A5 realising I was not alone in the situation & then relaxing... Letting creativity flow from me like the rainbow snapchat filter
  244. I teach proj't manag't, project should have defined finish, but @andrewmid and I our research just opens a can of worms @simonrae #LTHEchat
  245. @simonrae perhaps we should have all been required to sketch our answers #lthechat
  246. @Chris_Wiley A5 it can be tricky to know when to let go and flow with a new direction but it can be a really productive strategy. #LTHEchat
  247. #LTHEchat A6 engagement from colleagues in new/novel approaches and change including the use of technologies
  248. @gsritchie @DiverseLearners perfectly encapsulated by your blooming thistle avatar if you don't mind me saying! #LTHEchat
  249. @iantindal Agree, tricky, and also stressful: what if it backfires...? #LTHEchat
  250. @Chris_Wiley @chrissinerantzi it has to solve the problem, trying something which fails or makes things worse is not rewarded! #LTHEchat
  251. @lifewider1 I think there's a remarkable degree of convergence. Congratulations. #LTHEchat
  252. @LindaOpen @Chris_Wiley but can/should we learn from it? How can we enable this? What is required? #LTHEchat
  253. @LindaOpen @chrissinerantzi Agreed - making things worse is a better example of a 'result' (non-positive) than the one I cited. #LTHEchat
  254. @Chris_Wiley Hopefully all the times it flies make up for the backfires! There is usually something to be rescued #LTHEchat
  255. A6 Being visibly creative gave others ‘permission’ to also try new things - create(!) culture of thinking outside the box #LTHEchat
  256. .@LTHEchat A6 Having half done solutions or ideas for staff to get a head start to things, that's a challenge. #LTHEchat
  257. @DeenaI @gsritchie @DiverseLearners aren't we absolutely dependent upon it when it comes to impactful research? #LTHEchat
  258. A6: I would still emphasize the spontaneity of the creative process. It should address a need, not just change for the sake of #LTHEchat
  259. @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen Certainly we should learn from sthing that backfires. How we can learn from it is harder to answer. #LTHEchat
  260. Are depends where u sit on the conformist fence & who defines the social norms, eg ... @gsritchie @S_J_Lancaster @DiverseLearners #LTHEchat
  261. Getting close to the closing moments, thanks for the stimuli Norman, it will make an interesting storify. #LTHEchat
  262. Thank you so much for saying yes Norman @lifewider1 & great co-facilitation by Ian @iantindal #LTHEchat
  263. @Chris_Wiley @chrissinerantzi along with how do you recover the confidence to try the next creative idea #LTHEchat
  264. @neilwithnell Have been working at Cambridge until v recently - any creativity seen a pretty radical! #LTHEchat
  265. ... Eg some argue that diverse learners should not be HE educated @gsritchie @S_J_Lancaster @DiverseLearners #lthechat
  266. @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen It can be difficult to talk about earlier mistakes. I've seen history repeat itself in past endeavours.#LTHEchat
  267. Thank you so much for all your wonderful artwork this evening Simon @simonrae #lthechat
  268. A6. Implications - staff need to be given space & time to think, and courage to take risks & experiment. #LTHEchat
  269. @LindaOpen @Chris_Wiley I think we all have ideas, it is making them happen that might be more tricky? #LTHEchat
  270. @Chris_Wiley @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen Agree - is essential to be able to talk about things that don’t work as well! #LTHEchat
  271. #LTHEchat Today, 436 Tweets (including 51 RTs) 44 Participants (Most Active @S_J_Lancaster 26 Tweets) via @kneaver
  272. @scottturneruon @DiverseLearners @gsritchie "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission"- grace hopper 😊 #LTHEchat
  273. @KEHplantsci @Chris_Wiley @LindaOpen but often brushed under the carpet.missed opportunities to bring clarity, learn &move forward #LTHEchat
  274. A6 new approaches help others learn and engage, moving pedagogy forward for next generation #LTHEchat
  275. @chrissinerantzi @Chris_Wiley somethings are easy to tinker with, others require a great leap and you can't go back! #LTHEchat
  276. @chrissinerantzi @LindaOpen Like much in life, these things are often easier said than done. #LTHEchat
  277. Analytics ... we gotta have analytics

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  281. And then the conversation continued on into the night ...
  282. Off to read Harry potter book 4 with youngest son, inspiring #creativity #LTHEchat
  283. @suebecks Even more reason to talk and share some ideas then #LTHEchat
  284. @lifewider1 I think it means you facilitated a stimulating discussion forging new understanding and lasting connections? #LTHEchat
  285. Them & us, in my world diverse learners on one, non-diverse on other defining the norms @S_J_Lancaster @gsritchie @DiverseLearners #LTHEchat
  286. Now remembering having "The Creative Mind" by Margaret Boden on my bookshelf in the last century...wonder if I still have it #LTHEchat
  287. @S_J_Lancaster @lifewider1 The green things seem to like to cluster with their own kind more than the other ones. #LTHEchat
  288. @LTHEchat #LTHEchat A2 Research. Cannot do anything much without creativity. If there isn't a new idea proposed...
  289. @LTHEchat A1 #LTHEchat As a researcher, creativity is about getting my students (& me) to think beyond the current limits of human knowledge
  290. @lifewider1 good to hear you enjoyed #LTHEchat - I was on the train so poor signal but managed to dip in. Catching up now!