#LTHEchat No 44 : Using music creatively to enhance non-music teaching

with Chris Wiley @Chris_Wiley

  1. From the alphabet song to ‘The Elements”, music has the power to facilitate learning at all levels of study. It introduces an experiential, interactive component to a teaching environment that may otherwise be transmissive and unstimulating.
  2. This #LTHEchat explored how music may be used to enhance teaching even in non-music subjects (by which Chris means subjects which – unlike, say, music performance, dance, or musical theatre – do not naturally include music). It provided the opportunity for participants across the disciplines to share practices in which they have incorporated music creatively within their teaching or assessments, whether singly or in combination with other arts.
  3. Reciprocally, this record of the chat will enable those who have not yet brought music to their classroom to gain ideas about ways in which they may seek to introduce this added dimension to their teaching.
  4. I made this @storify because I was unable to attend. Enjoy.
  5. Chris Jobling (@cpjobling)

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  12. @iantindal and you don't even have to be musical yourself - join in and be inspired #LTHEchat
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  23. Join us 8pm this evening; Dr Christopher Wiley will be the special guest #LTHEchat 'Using music creatively to enhance non-music teaching'
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  27. The "element song" is witty and fun but it doesn't help learn anything valuable. #LTHEchat
  28. The element song makes no more sense than substituting random abbreviations into the periodic table  http://ln.is/com/ZgIbp  #LTHEchat
  29. @S_J_Lancaster Depends which song you mean. Some of my pub quiz team use a song whenever a q about the Periodic Table comes up. #LTHEchat
  30. @Chris_Wiley Tom Lehrer's - you see that's my problem what's Higher Education about a mnemonic to remember names in a random order #LTHEchat
  31. @S_J_Lancaster Yes, and I have a general problem w/ mnemonics that give you random letters but don't help you remember the words. #LTHEchat
  32. @S_J_Lancaster ROTRDSHGMRDP being a topical example. Of the three Rs. which is rabbit, which is rooster, & which is rat...? #LTHEchat
  33. Hi everyone we are in the lead up to the start of the chat with Dr Wiley, time to say a quick hello before the first question at 8 #LTHEchat
  34. @iantindal A quick hello from me... just time to make a cup of tea before the #LTHEchat starts.
  35. @S_J_Lancaster No, just that the mnemonic only does half the work for you. Wonder if the Chinese New Year's been set to #music. #LTHEchat
  36. @iantindal I think it's only appropriate that we all put some #music on, too. #LTHEchat
  37. Hello and welcome to the #LTHEchat in a few minutes Dr Wiley will be discussing 'Using music creatively to enhance non-music teaching'.
  38. @iantindal It's the wrong instrument, that's why. You need something you could hypothetically hold in one hand, like a trumpet. #LTHEchat
  39. To answer a question please answer with A1, A2, A3 etc. Please always include #LTHEchat in your answer so we can Storify all contributions
  40. For those new to tweetchats we will precede questions with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. So you can follow the conversations #LTHEchat
  41. Question 1

  42. Q1. How has music been part of your own learning -- rather than teaching -- in non-music subjects? #LTHEchat
  43. A1 Lifelong learning supported by a musical background & learning to play helped with rigor #LTHEchat
  44. A1: used to listen to music while studying... as a teenage... I should add... ;) #lthechat
  45. @chrissinerantzi I'm not quite that brave Chrissi Fine in a class full of children but not online #LTHEchat
  46. @jtardy81 Yes, the possession of musical skill is often an indicator of dedication & self-discipline. #LTHEchat
  47. A1 I've been singing the alphabet song to help my lad with his letters #LTHEchat
  48. A1 Having music in the background before class starts #LTHEchat
  49. @LindaOpen I'm wondering if anybody's listening to #music at the moment? #LTHEchat
  50. A1 use rhythm of music to help learn sequenced information / processes #LTHEchat
  51. I see our dear colleague Peter @petergossman joined us. It is your favourite topic after all ;) #LTHEchat
  52. @Chris_Wiley didn't like it as a teenager but now understand how rich the experience was #LTHEchat
  53. A1 #LTHEchat Honestly? Very little other than playing music in the background as I tried to learn stuff
  54. A1 I've tried listening to music while studying, but always find it distracts. Silence is golden..... #LTHEchat
  55. A1 Evening all. I recall chanting the times tables rhythmically helped alot #LTHEchat
  56. @chrissinerantzi Did it complement study, or the opposite? I'm thinking of the 'Mozart effect'. #LTHEchat
  57. Q1 Learned to play musical instruments, lots of singing esp in language learning and background to homework! #LTHEchat
  58. A1. @LTHEchat I often play drums while reflecting and have shared video of that with my HE students. #LTHEchat good responses from them
  59. @PLumsden find classical to be best to work to > no lyrics #LTHEchat
  60. @suebecks I'm interested to hear that others do this too. I always used to get looks from the corridor if I left the door open... #LTHEchat
  61. A1 I have used music in podcasts to give an interlude between different topics #LTHEchat
  62. @petergossman #LTHEchat Yep…I was a fan of the Magic Roundabout as well!
  63. Hi Chris @Chris_Wiley I think it helped me focus? I did the Mozart thing with my boys when they were tiny. #LTHEchat
  64. A1: I used to listen to music while studying: techno, electro...something I could not sing along, but that helped me to focus #LTHEchat #90s
  65. A1. I have had a lot of students submit songs for genre pieces and one even a solo piano instrumental piece. Interesting to mark. #LTHEchat
  66. That's really interesting. How did s/he use music? Just to get your attention, or related to the class? #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/HalaMansour/status/694974833365487616 
  67. music is perhaps a bit like food? @Chris_Wiley Brings people together? Also for learning? #LTHEchat
  68. .@LTHEchat A1 Yes, in CPD courses when I worked @Bruneluni, classical music in staff development workshops. Also had toys. #LTHEchat
  69. A1 Being asked to share music we enjoy as part of an induction type event #LTHEchat
  70. Very interesting and so important to emphasise that #music is about rhythm and not just lyrics & melodies. #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/JamesEDEU/status/694974778864701440 
  71. A1 and doesn't everyone sing nelly the elephant when you need 100 beats per min rhythm for CPR? #LTHEchat
  72. A1 songs helped a lot to learn English ;) #LTHEchat
  73. @chrissinerantzi If you have to ask you'll never know (lyric wuote, not Dylan). #LTHEchat
  74. Interesting bc chanting gets monotonous and you can lose the thread... obviously not what happened w/ you. #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/johncoup/status/694974934561456129 
  75. @HalaMansour So a foreign language lesson then? That's really interesting, thanks for sharing. #LTHEchat
  76. Q1. I agree I need music to wright my assignment l couldn't work in solace #LTHEchat
  77. Question 2

  78. Q2. What are the hypothetical benefits of incorporating music in teaching, even in non-music subjects? #LTHEchat
  79. A1 use music in phonetics to illustrate rhythm, to illustrate speech processes in lyrics such as D'yer Maker, and the click song #LTHEchat
  80. #lthechat Q.1. It hasn't for me, but my daughter (8) likes music and maths, music and anything!
  81. A1. @Chris_Wiley I love the music in the 'Good morning Mr Tindal' bit - seems almost universal in rhythm; same across many schools #LTHEchat
  82. @petergossman @chrissinerantzi Fair enough, I may be using the term in a more generalistic sense inherited from the popular press. #LTHEchat
  83. @AndyKirke I'm opposite, need quiet to write, but often use music for a break #LTHEchat
  84. I learned early how music divides opinions - took a long time to understand it was ok to be different - valuable 'music' lesson #LTHEchat
  85. @HalaMansour @Chris_Wiley still remember songs from German lessons (mumble, mumble) years ago #LTHEchat
  86. Don't understand Peter @petergossman > you mean to ask to get the answer? instead of discovering for yourself? #LTHEchat
  87. A2 engage learners! Try to motivate a bunch of French teenagers to speak english ;) #LTHEchat
  88. A2 relaxing, distracting, and challenging - hopefully not at the same time! #LTHEchat
  89. @LindaOpen I was always taught to use 'Staying Alive', but the principle is the same. #LTHEchat
  90. I used music to skip lessons at school - music lesson, band practice etc allowed time off #LTHEchat
  91. A2 Bryan Adams, Queen & Ace of Base at the time #90skids #LTHEchat
  92. A2: Classroom management; loud as students arrive, cut the music when I am ready to lecture. Instant quiet. Love it. #LTHEchat
  93. What about music without lyrics? Anybody asked students to add their own to a piece? @CliveBuckley @petergossman #LTHEchat cc @petergossman
  94. .@Chris_Wiley @suebecks toyed wth music in the background never done it for lack of finding smthng I like that'll be acceptable #LTHEchat
  95. A2. give students the choice of tunes, it can increase engagement. Also a mood setter (upbeat music for quieter student grps) #LTHEchat
  96. @stephenp Music & maths so often go together, don't they? It's about counting and proportion, after all. And notation. #LTHEchat
  97. A2 #LTHEchat Aren't the rhythm and structure meant to stimulate a receptive state? Mozart and maths and primary?
  98. @AndyKirke so with you there! I like music in the background to relax/destress when working #LTHEchat
  99. A2 I think it's similar to learning a language; teaching decoding skills #LTHEchat
  100. @chrissinerantzi I think this will come up later as music in assessment? #LTHEchat
  101. @Chris_Wiley basically if you feel a bit off and someone starts inappropriate singing you know you are in trouble! #LTHEchat
  102. I recall listening to a recording of the first Stone Roses gig at Preston Guildhall whilst at the back of a class #LTHEchat #veryeducation
  103. I think a variety of approaches is good? I@Chris_Wiley #LTHEchat
  104. @suewatling I love that music divides opinions - it makes teaching it so much more interesting (and challenging!). #LTHEchat
  105. q2 - life lessons? e.g. Beethoven composing while deaf, Bach and Handel composing while losing their vision #LTHEchat
  106. A2 just remembered abt that Arts teacher who put music as a way to control students (threat was to cut it) #LTHEchat #darkside
  107. A2 Also like quiet background music during discussions. Helps people not feel awkward when they're talking #LTHEchat
  108. @LTHEchat Q2, surely to do with engagement, memory trigger, motovation (too sweeping?)#LTHEchat
  109. #LTHEChat A2 music as a form of expression to counter dominant voices
  110. A2 It can help you relax or it can provide a stimulus for discussion like 'name that tune' to get students talking to each other #LTHEchat
  111. @r_a_knight @suebecks I've tried it, but you do have to be careful about 'underscoring' your own teaching. #LTHEchat
  112. A2: As students (250) walk in the theatre, I play a music video from #YouTube: wakes them up, sets the mood, music ends = start. #LTHEchat
  113. Hi Simon @S_J_Lancaster nice idea ;) what also about non-assessed musical collaborative learning? #LTHEchat
  114. @johncoup in my day we had tape recorders or transistor radios! #LTHEchat
  115. A2 Classroom management: Reinforce certain students for various things by allowing them to pick the @Pandora station for class #LTHEchat
  116. @pebrodsky #LTHEchat Nice! Your choice of loud music or theirs? They would probably walk out if I played my choice!
  117. A2: Enable creativity especially for the 'science' subjects #lthechat
  118. A2 exploring links between music and other processes eg language. As examples students can relate to. Changing pace of class #LTHEchat
  119. @chrissinerantzi Yes, certainly. Music can help to break up the session & hold students' attention. #LTHEchat
  120. A2. I used to do "Celebrate Good Times COME ON!" just that line - they took it up and used it themselves to lift the mood. #LTHEchat
  121. @FabioArico do you specifically pick music to what you will be covering in the lecture of pick them at random/student preference?#LTHEchat
  122. @r_a_knight @Chris_Wiley I'd suggest playing something the students may not know #LTHEchat
  123. @simonrae I do it the first night, then contact students over the week for great questions, quizzes, etc. and let them pick #LTHEchat
  124. @chrissinerantzi Or, if you misjudge the mood of the room, it can just send them to sleep. #LTHEchat
  125. #LTHEchat A2. I seem to remember using a song to learn the cranial nerves.
  126. A2: helps us wander and wonder... wake-up or fall asleep, triggers emotions also!!! #LTHEchat
  127. @simonrae And I usually start with Earth Wind & Fire station the first night. Peppy, old, fun. Like me! #LTHEchat
  128. @S_J_Lancaster Much music is. I wouldn't want to tarnish whole genres with the same brush necessarily, but one has to be careful. #LTHEchat
  129. A2 but then I often plug myself into iPod when I need to cut out anything more distracting #LTHEChat
  130. #LTHEchat And I remember my colleague Ann getting the students to write and perform their own song to learn the nervous system
  131. @S_J_Lancaster I have a minor crisis every year as to whether I should play 'Show Boat' with the original lyrics. #LTHEchat
  132. @KMCharnley Different criteria: (i) my mood/choice, (ii) student suggestions (vetting lyrics/images), (iii) relation to topic. #LTHEchat
  133. #LTHEchat Is there any evidence that music improves learning?
  134. @CliveBuckley surely you could learn anything whilst listening to disco? :) #LTHEchat
  135. A2 sounds like this is a great chance to play DJ to a captive audience ! #LTHEchat
  136. Question 3

  137. Q3. Have you used music in your past teaching or assessments, and if so, how? #LTHEchat
  138. @suewatling Great point! Composers overcoming adversity etc. (and performers for that matter - Evelyn Glennie for instance) #LTHEchat
  139. one of my schools played classical music as we went into assembly - it was a powerful way to embed music into young minds #LTHEchat
  140. @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat Isn't education about learning about such things and dealing with them?
  141. @chrissinerantzi just a CD player with classical music in periods of activity #LTHEchat
  142. @jtardy81 I really loved the first time I was told to turn the music up, rather than down, before a lecture. #LTHEchat (It was ABBA...)
  143. A3 I haven't no, I can't because it would be rank hypocrisy. Music is the discipline that kept me grounded at school... #LTHEchat
  144. @suebecks Certainly its value as an icebreaker shouldn't be overlooked. Walking into a silent room can be uncomfortable. #LTHEchat
  145. My son recently had to write a song about the planets. Whole family listened to lots on YouTube. We all know planet order now #LTHEchat
  146. @AndyKirke there is a great one for the periodic table. sadly I've forgotten it but got me through A level chemistry #LTHEchat
  147. @KMCharnley Sometimes I make them sing or clap. They love it. Great bonding moment. Tracklist goes on VLE #LTHEchat
  148. @Chris_Wiley @LTHEchat @Bruneluni I agree, might try this in mine, your topic this evening has reminded me again #LTHEchat
  149. @CliveBuckley & perhaps it should be - a 'musical' learning style as distinct from 'audio'/'audiovisual'. #LTHEchat
  150. .@santanuvasant let's have music at the next ed tech innovators event... #LTHEchat
  151. @LTHEchat yes, research epistemology to provoke multiplist- reletivistic discussion.nothing divides like sammy hagar #LTHEchat
  152. A3 I recall a tutor playing an Elgar piece to explain the structure of an essay - it really struck a chord - pardon the pun! #LTHEchat
  153. A3 Just that one time, using "Mission Impossible" tune to begin an assessment. Ss loved it but scarce is good #LTHEchat
  154. #LTHEchat we have just run some practical scenarios for the Paramedics and set one in a night club so had it very dark with loud music
  155. A1. This is genuinely the only way I can remember the name of That Icelandic Volcano. (watch from 1.55)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEEXY6HrQ6Y  #LTHEchat
  156. @pebrodsky #LTHEchat Nice little research project in there… recording / displaying any changes in their choices over the years
  157. @r_a_knight @Chris_Wiley my colleague starts with 'name that tune' - winner gets a prize - packed lectures! #LTHEchat
  158. I've been to staff development workshops with music and singing, it's either loved or hated #LTHEchat
  159. @AndyKirke Thanks for sharing, that's really interesting and I hope it's working well for the students too. #LTHEchat
  160. No, it didn't! I can't conceive of a question outside of the pub quiz answered by The Element song. #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/LindaOpen/status/694979063027523584 
  161. I ran a radio show, Classical Allsorts - music to revise to, but audience was low, some weeks just me and the cat :-( #LTHEchat
  162. A3. @FabioArico @KMCharnley two facing each other clap, knee slap, two hand hi 5, one doing 3/4 time and one 4/4 is a fun one #LTHEchat
  163. @Stylianoudaki An ethnomusicologist or sonic artist might argue that music is merely organised sound. So yes. #LTHEchat
  164. @Stylianoudaki One of my favourite ever UG Music dissertations was a zooethnomusicology of monkeys at London Zoo. #LTHEchat
  165. .@LTHEchat A2 better learning due to stimulus via music in brain? #LTHEchat
  166. A3 Use often as background music and for making a point... I LOVE this one...  https://youtu.be/lDeB5sDealI  #LTHEchat
  167. @johncoup That's really interesting - do you remember which piece? #LTHEchat
  168. A3 U2 It's a Beautiful Day as participants gather for workshop on motivation. Raising mood #LTHEchat
  169. @petergossman @LTHEchat Flow and dreamland V similar and yes I drum for flow - to lose the world and find the thinking vibe #LTHEchat
  170. @Chris_Wiley Sorry, no. I wish I did. However, it was such a novel approach that the lesson was memorable. #LTHEchat
  171. @LindaOpen There is perhaps an issue to overcome of inhibitions/managing expectations. We might come back to this in Q5. #LTHEchat
  172. @r_a_knight @Chris_Wiley be interesting to see if they cotton on to using Shazam! #LTHEchat
  173. @KMCharnley Ha, need to try that! Students do go and check tunes they liked. Or they come to me and say it was 'cool' #90s #LTHEchat
  174. What background music to play while students are filling in the NSS? #LTHEchat
  175. Anybody using music for getting to know each other, community building? #LTHEchat
  176. .@LTHEchat A3 Used to play some in year assemblies in school when I was teaching - as my primary head did, he played #Queen #LTHEchat
  177. A3 "town called malice" music quiz with teacher trainees when doing a session on social value of education - lots of fun :) #LTHEchat
  178. A3 can't think how to use music in assessments. But this reminds me I've long been meaning to tie it into my intonation teaching #LTHEchat
  179. @Chris_Wiley certainly is - department choir and band members are all for it, rest of us a bit more reticent! #LTHEchat
  180. @FabioArico @KMCharnley It's a great way to get a finger on the cultural pulse of the students i.e. to look 'cool' in their eyes. #LTHEchat
  181. Extra Question
  182. Aha! Use @Shazam to link a song played in lecture theatre to online resources. Nice one! #LTHEchat Audio QR...
  183. @S_J_Lancaster Perhaps we should offer a prize for the best suggestion...? #LTHEchat
  184. A3 Modern history teachers must surely be using Billy Joel, or that train song #LTHEchat
  185. Question 4
  186. Q4. Did/does music have a positive effect on the student learning experience in non-music subjects -- and how do you know? #LTHEchat
  187. @chrissinerantzi Music as a conduit for meeting others: I have been in a community choir for 4 years. We are now 200 strong. #LTHEchat
  188. @chrissinerantzi A few people have alluded music in staff dev sessions. I'm wondering if anybody does this with students too. #LTHEchat
  189. @LindaOpen you have department choir?? Always fancied starting one up #LTHEchat @Chris_Wiley
  190. @r_a_knight I know some people have used it in non-music subjects as an adjunct part of a patchwork text or multimedia portfolio. #LTHEchat
  191. @LTHEchat A4 did play 'Another Brick in the Wall' once and some were clueless about its significance #LTHEchat #hegemony
  192. @chrissinerantzi I've known staff do this both in class and for assessments. With the right subject it can really work1 #LTHEchat
  193. @SaraPMHouston @FabioArico @KMCharnley yup and with one at 3/4 and one at 4/4 some claps miss and some sync - shows the maths #LTHEchat
  194. @johncoup @chrissinerantzi music is gr8t way to bond I once saw dance artist hold a group of 300 in thrall making storm sounds #LTHEChat
  195. @kateawright dept choir and band are pulled together for Christmas etc, but there are campus bands, orchestra and choir #LTHEchat
  196. Wondering if there are subjects this can't be done @Chris_Wiley ? I would say worth exploring in all subjects? #LTHEchat
  197. #LTHEchat I'm often singing in a morning as the students are arriving. They told me they new what mood I was in by what I was singing
  198. @kateawright @LindaOpen I formed one out of my class (granted, a Musical Theatre class) - 3yrs later, it's still my Twitter banner #LTHEchat
  199. I keep forgetting the A? bit so easy to forget but important for the storify. #LTHEchat
  200. A3 #LTHEchat Used it as a relaxation technique, brainstorming, being creative, thinking outside of the box sent a lot of students to sleep😕
  201. @chrissinerantzi I think you're right. We'll probably explore this more in Q5. #LTHEchat
  202. In my historian past the songs of WW1 and WW2 were a moving way of exploring attitudes and experiences #LTHEchat
  203. @iantindal @FabioArico @KMCharnley yes, maths, spacial awareness (in sounds), co-ordination, and great fun #LTHEchat
  204. A4 Also, I learnt the elements from Tom Lehrer #LTHEChat
  205. #LTHEchat a4 I play some David Cope / Emily Howell in a lecture on computational thinking. Get students thinking / talking about creativity
  206. @suebecks @r_a_knight Yes, true. I used to start my Michael Jackson teaching by asking exactly that. Music does help us remember. #LTHEchat
  207. Music engages the whole student and creates a larger array of communication possibilities; songs teach #LTHEchat @LTHEchat @Chris_Wiley
  208. A4 #LTHEchat I'm sure there is lots of research & papers that will tell me…
  209. A5: It might also have a "negative" effect? Which might be positive? if that makes sense? #LTHEchat
  210. @LindaOpen sounds great. Spent much of my teenage years playing & singing and do miss it sometimes #LTHEchat
  211. @johncoup context is everything. And my job depends on good NSS scores. #LTHEchat
  212. Look like my next PebblePad training course are going to be subjected to some Dylan…might even take my harmonica and play along! #LTHEchat
  213. @kateawright They certainly are, and because of the centenary, there's a lot of work/interest in WW1 songs at the moment. #LTHEchat
  214. A4 #LTHEchat the song by Jurassic 5, Lesson 6: The lecture helped in science
  215. @HalaMansour And that probably aids the efficiency of both their study and their violin practice, I'd have thought? #LTHEchat
  216. A4. @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat Interpreting lyrics useful activity - ecoomics Money its a Gas... RE Us and Them..
  217. #LTHEchat I'm wondering about choral evensong in Oxbridge chapels here too... #a4
  218. #LTHEchat A4. when the students sit the A&P MCQ I wonder if there would be a statistically sig dif if we played relaxing music in one room
  219. A4 students always seem to enjoy a musical example linked to the topic at hand. More engaged and ready to discuss. #LTHEchat
  220. @AndyKirke Very good idea, i'd love to test that or see results #LTHEchat
  221. @mberry One of my friends lived in New College, Oxford within earshot of the Chapel. Must have been a great 3 years of live music. #LTHEchat
  222. Question 5
  223. Q5. What are the challenges and obstacles presented by endeavouring to use music in teaching on non-music subjects? #LTHEchat
  224. @AndyKirke That would make a really interesting psychological study, if it hasn't already been done. #LTHEchat
  225. @r_a_knight It certainly helps if there's a relationship between the two, otherwise its presence can be conspicuous. #LTHEchat
  226. A5 taking students (and academics) out of their comfort zone #LTHEchat
  227. .@LTHEchat A4 Yes it focuses students more, where I seen it used. The pupils in my assemblies came in more calmer. #LTHEchat
  228. A5 Lack of equipment first and foremost #LTHEchat
  229. A5: In my case: choosing tracks with no offensive lyrics and videoclips suitable to a lecture theatre. Needs caution! #LTHEchat
  230. #LTHEchat I allay listen to music whilst in these Twitter chats (Beautiful South - Song for Whoever at the moment)
  231. @jtardy81 Yes, so underwhelming when the sound only comes from the PC. #LTHEchat
  232. Music preferences can be so personal that I would fear 'getting it wrong' could cause students to switch off #LTHEchat
  233. A5: What obstacles? Obstacles are usually within us... #LTHEchat
  234. A5. Technical problems (so often encountered) or, as @jtardy81 says, lack of equipment. #LTHEchat
  235. @chrissinerantzi Read Daniel Levitin -This is your brain on music, best text ever on this topic #LTHEchat
  236. A5. #LTHEchat Depends on room design, in small rural primary school with no music room the noise was a distraction for other classes.
  237. A5 challenges in ensuring music is relevant to topic & appropriate for all students. Practically, need working audio in class #LTHEchat
  238. @chrissinerantzi am thinking sharing music videos could be useful activity to encourage student collaboration on a VLE #LTHEchat
  239. @petergossman ... when I finish with all the phenomenography stuff... #LTHEchat
  240. @UEAintroeco But are offensive lyrics a problem if encouraging critical thinking? #LTHEchat
  241. @HalaMansour @S_J_Lancaster Depends... I'm not infrequently out of comfort zone & perhaps that's no bad thing. #LTHEchat
  242. v late to party tonight! A2 I use music as conduit/means 4 staff development about L&T across subjects #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/LTHEchat/status/694976158958428160 
  243. A5 I think a key obstacle is confidence - trying something new. #LTHEchat
  244. "Life on Mars" is actually a pretext for problem based learning in chemistry. #LTHEchat cc @tinaoverton
  245. A5 also choosing an apprioate source= no piracy and free > I miss #Grooveshark #LTHEchat
  246. @johncoup Potentially yes, & this is will become more troublesome given the rise of audio-recording & lecture-capture. #LTHEchat
  247. A5 Always be some choice issues (pace,volume etc) and the attitudes to trying something new in the classroom (from staff) #LTHEchat
  248. @TupsTweets @UEAintroeco One has to be very careful in managing students' expectations & apologising for offence. #LTHEchat
  249. @chrissinerantzi #LTHEchat asked students to share favourite music helped attendance they came to hear if I chose theirs in a session
  250. @johncoup @suewatling Could be an interesting way of ice breaking / starting social bonds with a new class / cohort. #LTHEchat
  251. A5 technical issues. I've never managed to teach a podcasting course without an AV issue! #LTHEchat
  252. A5 #LTHEchat Copyright? Control? Student loving or hating the choice too much…distraction Another medium to learn to use well (enough)
  253. A5 challenge is getting people to believe that won't be judged if participate in music - if not 'musician' #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/LTHEchat/status/694983704867803136 
  254. .@LTHEchat A5 oh the in class technology / AV :) and acoustics of the space. Better #learningspaces needed. #LTHEchat
  255. @suebecks Confidence in trying something new for staff or student? Or both? #LTHEchat
  256. A5 Kids and students always earger to know "where you took it from" (bc they're polite) & i was ashamed to lie #LTHEchat
  257. @HalaMansour That's an important point - it could set the wrong tone for a lecture, rather than the right one. #LTHEchat
  258. @chrissinerantzi @Chris_Wiley I use it to set the scene & create exciting sessions related benefits of #Mediterranean #diet #LTHEchat
  259. @kateawright video record all the demos and play the video - meta but effective. #LTHEchat
  260. Fully agree. We need to get the basics right in lecture theatres before staff can confidently use tech #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/santanuvasant/status/694985325442134017 
  261. @kateawright Sounds familiar. I've walked around in the past with a CD player, portable speakers, leads etc. #LTHEchat #occupationalhazard
  262. @iantindal @johncoup @suewatling For me showing a music video (a la MTV) it's a great way of teaching about politics of the body #LTHEchat
  263. @jtardy81 I'm not a lawyer, but there's a general exception for educational use which may apply  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright#teaching  #LTHEchat a5
  264. @Chris_Wiley @TupsTweets I teach Economics. Have no time to explore the lyrics in a critical way. So need caution. #justfun #LTHEchat
  265. #LTHEchat A5. In a class of 70 odd students there must be a wide and diverse taste in music. One of my fellow lectures likes Steam Punk 🤔
  266. Q4. Just remembered using Bob Builder in primary - can we fix it yes we can. Good positive attitude builder in any subject. #LTHEchat
  267. @laura_ritchie Ah, but does engaging with music necessarily mean participation? (Not sure possible to answer in <140 characters) #LTHEchat
  268. @Chris_Wiley I was thinking of staff. Overcoming worry of what song... #LTHEchat
  269. @Chris_Wiley @UEAintroeco tho in the social sciences we seek to challenge comfortable positions so maybe depends on subject #LTHEchat
  270. @mberry Sure, but still the way to get it was questionable ;) I didn't buy the music at the time #LTHEchat
  271. @CliveBuckley Fair enough. It may not be for every learner/teacher/context. #LTHEchat
  272. Argh been tweeting using @UEAintroeco (my alterego). Sorry for the confusion #LTHEchat
  273. @chrissinerantzi @Chris_Wiley I ask students to send me their request so we have had some interesting international requests! #LTHEchat
  274. @Chris_Wiley when I do it yes! all inclusive :) and participation doesn't need to be visible #LTHEchat
  275. #LTHEchat A5. Cont. I don't know what steam punk is but not sure it would fit with a majority, but what would?
  276. Question 6
  277. Q6. What great new ideas for ways to include music creatively in your future teaching have you taken from tonight's #LTHEchat
  278. @santanuvasant So important to consider acoustics as well as equipment. Will the students be able to hear the music accurately? #LTHEchat
  279. A3. Will try and find some student pieces done for assessment, a few were on youtube,very effective in freeing from academic voice #LTHEchat
  280. @johncoup Honestly, sometimes I don't even know a student is recording my lecture. #LTHEchat
  281. A6 using it during assessment > session in early March, i have to convince my colleagues now! #LTHEchat
  282. @johncoup No, under TEF it is about the money, money, money! #LTHEchat
  283. @johncoup Workarounds: stopping and starting the recording (hardly ideal), or (even less satisfactory) cutting it afterwards. #LTHEchat
  284. A6: invite my #creativeHE group to find music to accompany their manifesto ;) #LTHEchat cc @RGoughThomas
  285. @johncoup Temporarily unplugging audio? But then, what happens if you forget to plug it back in...? #LTHEchat
  286. #LTHEchat saving hassle of speakers etc asked students to bring instruments once led to a battle of the bands!
  287. Music brings alive a set of images and text  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwKD-GuKkFc#t=26  useful way to make online resources #LTHEchat
  288. A6 will definitely try music @ intro. Also possibly midway to accompany pics of dogs/beaches I use to provide a 1 min brain break #LTHEchat
  289. @TupsTweets @UEAintroeco Same over here in the humanities. Yes, could well be subject-sensitive. #LTHEchat
  290. @chrissinerantzi @Chris_Wiley you could. Think the element of surprise can be good too. Mood music could help students remember #LTHEchat
  291. @Chris_Wiley Yes exactly, I have interviewed some of your ex colleagues in @CityUniLondon Music Dept and this is part of new plans #LTHEchat
  292. …though I think much of it is forgetting about the basics. Sexy rooms does not equal good education #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/santanuvasant/status/694986677954158592 
  293. A6 may use something relevant or as a discussion starter as people come into sessions #LTHEchat
  294. #LTHEchat my students shared images and music which helped them recall concepts in a revision session - fascinating connections
  295. @santanuvasant @CityUniLondon Great to hear that City Music is going from strength to strength! :-) #LTHEchat
  296. A6: More internationalisation in music choice. Open up to different languages. (But vetting of lyrics? Google Translate!) #LTHEchat
  297. @johncoup This is a message it's so important to get through to the techies (though obviously not at @CityUniLondon) #LTHEchat
  298. @simonrae @Chris_Wiley Really interesting! Does music enhance or distract? If so, is their a spectrum of distraction/ enhancement #LTHEchat
  299. @Chris_Wiley @chrissinerantzi the key may be to provide a mixture to keep it fresh and different #LTHEchat
  300. A6 #LTHEchat Using as a theatrical prop in a sense…to set the scene, as an intermission, as a timing device (Or on iPod to drown them out😉)
  301. A6 such a positive chat tonight....has reminded me to start using it again.....you have been warned PG Cert/MA group!! #LTHEchat
  302. @SaraPMHouston @Chris_Wiley @UEAintroeco agree, otherwise you could just show some slides in pastel colours to get same effect. #LTHEchat
  303. @FabioArico Not google translate, it's mostly word for word translation, but i agree with the intention :) #LTHEchat
  304. @DeenaI Some of my most interesting & engaging lectures have been those where I've invited students to demo on their instruments. #LTHEchat
  305. @johncoup Yes, the ancient Universities around the world had basic facilities, it was the good teaching principles that are key. #LTHEchat
  306. #LTHEchat A6. I seriously need to investigate the effects of music during MCQ's & OSCE's. Await the paper to be published
  307. @r_a_knight the brain break works really well - and gives the lecturer time to gather their thoughts too! #LTHEchat
  308. @r_a_knight & if your lecture is running behind/ahead, you simply extend/curtail the music excerpt. #LTHEchat
  309. @DeenaI @Chris_Wiley instruments are a great idea. I could definitely use well when we cover speech air streams #LTHEchat
  310. @TupsTweets @johncoup I've genuinely discovered footage of myself teaching on YouTube. More than once. #LTHEchat
  311. #LTHEchat new academics often like favourite music to boost confidence to start a session and get student attention
  312. Q6. I really like the idea of using music to explain how to design and structure a carefully crafted essay. #LTHEchat
  313. Love this for learning about culture and the genesis of a drum  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVPLIuBy9CY  10 mins so maybe look later #LTHEchat