#GuildChat Readdress the LMS

On Friday, quite by accident, I stumbled upon #GuildChat. The topic was the Learning Management System (LMS) AKA Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Here's the story.

  1. #GuildChat is TODAY! Our topic: Readdress the LMS - Join us! 11am PT/2pm ET #elguild
  2. Okay, under 10 min to go until the next #GuildChat flurry of tweets!
  3. We're talking about the LMS in today's #GuildChat, featuring @eGeeking! 4 minutes to start time! pic.twitter.com/jBKzfNHydg
  4. Opening

  5. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves. Tell us what you're working on these days. #GuildChat
  6. Remember to use the hashtag #GuildChat for all your Tweets. Our first question will be up in just 2 minutes!
  7. Happy Friday! Chad Lowry, Client Education Manager. Just heard a pitch about Sales Force's Communities platform. #guildchat
  8. @eLearningGuild Bill Bollenbach -- training clients -- refining a blended learning approach #guildchat
  9. Bianca Woods from sunny Toronto, Canada! Working on finishing up the 1st full week of the new job. :) #GuildChat
  10. Question 1

  11. Q1. What are the greatest benefits of the LMS for organizations? #GuildChat
  12. @britz Yes, we're just starting on the topic, and we already use their Sales & Service modules, so it seems a natural fit. #guildchat
  13. Howdy #GuildChat! JD in Orlando, FL. Learning geek w/ @Axonify. Lots of talk around org knowledge sharing this week.  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718499062190903296 
  14. @eGeeking @britz 5-8 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow here west of Philadelphia! #guildchat
  15. A1) I should note my org. does not use an LMS, so many answers today will be hypothetical/theoretical/anecdotal. #guildchat
  16. Don Bolen, Marietta, GA, working on a global on boarding and induction project #GuildChat
  17. @ChadSLowry I was one of the rare ppl who fended off the LMS successfully in the past :) #guildchat
  18. Hello! Alexander Salas LnD elearning expert Gr8 to b here #GuildChat
  19. A1) Best benefits I can imagine are tracking not just who's completed what, but who hasn't completed what. What stopped them? #guildchat
  20. For our organization -- as we use it for client training - is a consistent process and tracking of work #guildchat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718499741248724992 
  21. @britz Wish I could claim such insight, but it's really just that we've never had our act together enough to pull it off. #guildchat
  22. A1. Benefits are like most "systems" - organization, automation, consistency, and control #guildchat
  23. A1 In a perfect world it can be a single place people know to go to for content... #GuildChat
  24. @ChadSLowry usually what stopped them was the desire not to experience the pain and drain of a compliance course :\ #guildchat
  25. A1 no longer in the LMS business per se, working with those in client orbs. Primary use is delivering elearning and tracking #GuildChat
  26. @eLearningGuild Completion-tracking more than anything else. #GuildChat
  27. ... and, having just left a bank, I'm very aware of how important the tracking capabilities are for legal compliance #GuildChat
  28. A1) When used intelligently, actionable data and paperless repository of all org training activities #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/elearningguild/status/718499741248724992 
  29. @eLearningGuild Q1A: Breakthrough the LMS but use as portal to new ideas & resources #GuildChat
  30. @ChadSLowry good pt to that the system can help see where gaps are, may be useful to improve content/approach #guildchat
  31. A1) @eGeeking Do you see an LMS serving double duty as an EPSS, too, then? As in, it should have those capabilities as well? #guildchat
  32. A1 in current project, don't quite know yet what we'll find across the globe, suspect great variation #GuildChat
  33. @ChadSLowry @eGeeking oooph... if I had to log in to a system to get JIT... I wouldn't #guildchat
  34. Question 2

  35. Q2. What are the greatest drawbacks of the LMS? #GuildChat
  36. A1) It's REALLY good at checking of the boxes ... And some people still need/value that ... #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718499741248724992 
  37. RT @eLearningGuild Q2. What are the greatest drawbacks of the LMS? #GuildChat
  38. A1. To be honest, the way LMS'es are used today, I don't see a lot of benefits (for users), only a lot of frustration. #GuildChat
  39. A2. How it changes mindsets to shift efforts to control, contain and measure something that cannot be easily measured #guildchat
  40. @eLearningGuild A2: Maintenance! That includes registering participants, keeping everything looking nice, house-cleaning. #GuildChat
  41. A2) Resource drain, although perhaps necessary. If you're going to bother to create content, may as well see if it's being used. #guildchat
  42. A2) It creates a PLACE for learning + subsequent mentality that doesn't align with the way work is done #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718501475119407107 
  43. A2 Terrible UX/UI on most of the options out there. Not a lot of thought about what the user needs & how to make it easy. #GuildChat
  44. limitations on easy change, missing features for efficiency, confusion of use by learner, expense #guildchat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718501475119407107 
  45. A2) Biggest drawback where I am now is that is drives content. Will it work with the LMS? not Is that the right solution? #guildchat
  46. A2 When an org doesn't think out how it needs its LMS to work, it leads to years of disenchanted users #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718501475119407107 
  47. A2) No one really needs their LMS to do their job every day ... and that's a poor use of workplace technology #GuildChat
  48. A2 Usually VERY limited in what learning experiences it can support/host/track. #GuildChat
  49. A1) There is some value to tracking completions, common launch pad, creating paths. #guildchat
  50. A2) Administratively burdensome, minimal data collection/reporting, UI/UX from 1998, bolt-on functionality that makes no sense #GuildChat
  51. @eGeeking Agree. It would be great to make an LMS that is hackable ;) #GuildChat
  52. @heikan2003 Most LMS platforms just aren't keeping up with content and tech innovations. Leads to constantly being behind curve #GuildChat
  53. A2. In lots of organisations LMS'es are a lust for a few and a burden for all the rest. It's unfortunately only about poor stats. #guildchat
  54. @StyleLearn right...often people don't have an understanding of the org needs #guildchat
  55. A2 user experience is poor, suboptiminal , sucks #GuildChat
  56. A2 Your records don't follow you when you leave the company (and their LMS) #GuildChat
  57. @britz Those who fail often never start with org needs #GuildChat
  58. A2) Most are just a web front end for a database. They don’t consider the user experience. #GuildChat
  59. @MathVermeulen sometimes thought of as better than what we had before - no stats #guildchat
  60. A2 A lot of LMSs I've used are designed to make reporting easier, not about helping people who want to learn things #GuildChat
  61. A1. It often tries to be all things for everyone and fail at both #guildchat
  62. @ConstantLearnin Well & where I am they use Oracle. No one knows how stuff was created in it. etc. #guildchat
  63. Question 3

  64. Q3. What do you wish the LMS could do better or differently? #GuildChat
  65. #GuildChat In bygone days of live video w/ satellite up link, a colleague's job was "feeding the white elephant"... 1/3
  66. @AlwaysBreaking I find that the user experience is frozen in time, which makes the LMS always seem antiquated. #GuildChat
  67. This is probably the easiest question in #GuildChat history. We could do Q2 all day! ;)
  68. @billbollenbach But does it really help organisations better than in the no-stat era? #GuildChat
  69. #GuildChat 2/3 ...finding stuff to do with it to amortize its acquisition and upkeep..
  70. @eGeeking I would argue that in most companies the records were not for you to begin with. #guildchat
  71. A3) Integrate within tools + resources used on the job every day within the context of the work #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718503194977026049 
  72. @megajim Yeah, it’s a paradigm from the late 1990’s that hasn’t evolved. People only put up with it because they have to. #GuildChat
  73. #GuildChat 3/3 ...fortunately with an LMS that never happens. ;-)
  74. A3) Merge learning data with business data to identify meaningful insights into performance and outcomes #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718503194977026049 
  75. @eLearningGuild A3: Integrate with other communication platforms in more of a "push" way - you don't go to LMS, it comes to you. #GuildChat
  76. A3) Not charge per user, but by lesson. Pay only for what is consumed; would force us to develop content that succeeds 1st time. #guildchat
  77. Orgs that won't budget payroll for users to learn think LMS will condense downtime. However, you get what you pay for... #GuildChat
  78. A3 Be more focused on the user experience (and how to prevent the LMS from getting in the way of it) #GuildChat
  79. A1: the know where their learners and teachers are supposed to be. #GuildChat
  80. A2: they try to do too much themselves and constrain rather than promote innovation: #GuildChat
  81. A3 LMS platforms should give users a reason to interact, not just to show up when learning is assigned #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718503194977026049 
  82. A3. Better UX and UI, less focus on reporting, more on end users. And change name to TMS: Training Management System. #GuildChat
  83. A3) Drop the unfamiliar terminology and concepts like transcripts, launching stuff, enrollments, etc. #GuildChat
  84. A3) Incorporate the reporting mngt wants, course & perf support in a user friendly fashion #guildchat
  85. @eLearningGuild provide for a more flexible way for learners to demonstrate learning - contribute what already known in community #guildchat
  86. A3) I would be happy to not have an LMS but OSHA data of completions are necessary for biz. #guildchat
  87. A3. Strange question to be asked, but is there anyone in this chat who actually loves an LMS? :-) #GuildChat
  88. Question 4

  89. Q4. Why does the LMS continue to play a huge role in organizations? Do you see this changing? #GuildChat
  90. @eGeeking User history is still super cool (says the guy addicted to Swarm) - just use everyday language, not academic speak #GuildChat
  91. @heikan2003 The hoops we hop through for Asset Protection, Risk Mgmt & Legal tracking...I could write a book #GuildChat
  92. A4) Compliance is probably the biggest reason. It will change when we re-imagine offering evidence of understanding & outcomes. #guildchat
  93. A3) Provide actionable data reporting and insights that everyday users and managers can grab and run with #GuildChat
  94. A3: integrate with best-of-breed services … be an integrator of services rather than a monolith. #GuildChat
  95. @MathVermeulen I love the potential of what it can be. I don't love my current LMS #GuildChat
  96. A4) Many orgs just don't know any better, haven't taken the time to consider what learning can be #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718504932018634752 
  97. @ConstantLearnin You should with a target of L&D people in the humor section. #guildchat
  98. A4) Given contracts + money invested to date, the big LMS isn't going away anytime soon ... But ... #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718504932018634752 
  99. A4 Laziness, budget constraints, lack of innovative initiative in orgs, we've always done it this way #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718504932018634752 
  100. A4) Compliance courses. Aside from that I needed to document, track, analyze and report LnD efforts #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/elearningguild/status/718504932018634752 
  101. @eLearningGuild Organizations need frameworks. LMS is geared to training, an easy way for an org to think of a "training" bucket. #GuildChat
  102. A4) Users and orgs are finding new tools to supplement bad LMS tech, leading to potential replacement in the future #GuildChat
  103. A4) Honestly here it is to track compliance courses both f2f & elearning. #guildchat
  104. A4: once you've paid for it you feel compelled to use it. #GuildChat
  105. A4) No one wants to go through a new implementation. Migrating to new systems is a long, painful process. #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718504932018634752 
  106. @heikan2003 Heh...is that a market? I may have found my calling! #GuildChat
  107. A4 A lot of money and time has been invested so it's hard to change or justify change ... "no one got fired for buying ..." #GuildChat
  108. A4 Also, there are a lot of ppl who see learning as just things you can track in an LMS, so they don't see the need to change #GuildChat
  109. A4 probably not given the company blood and treasure invested, esp those > 100K EE #GuildChat
  110. @cpjobling THAT is so true. $spent so we can't go back now. Like Tim Gunn, "make it work." #guildchat
  111. A4) Now is the perfect time to leave the LMS and pursue an eLMS. Thnx to HTML5 CSS3 social, ex, expert forums learning #GuildChat
  112. A4. We still use LMSs because they're good at delivering courses. That's why we need them now. And will need them in the future. #GuildChat
  113. I was late and should introduce myself: Chris Jobling, @SwanseaUni UK -- long time battler with a VLE/LMS that shall remain anon #guildchat
  114. Question 5

  115. Q5. Do some organizations require an LMS? Explain? #GuildChat
  116. A5 It's been mentioned throughout, but much of the reason we have to have is for compliance training data #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718506502663888896 
  117. A5 Logically, places legally required to show certain training has taken place do benefit from an LMS. #GuildChat
  118. A5) I think THEY think they do. True needs are not tied to specific tech, can be resolved other ways #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718506502663888896 
  119. RT @eGeeking A5 Logically, places legally required to show certain training has taken place do benefit from an LMS. #GuildChat
  120. A5) For what it does, here yes. Folks across country can access, we can track it. #guildchat
  121. @eLearningGuild A5: I'm an academic, so it goes with the territory (unless you want 300 faculty doing their own thing). #GuildChat
  122. A5) The data in the LMS is the requirement, not the LMS itself. LMS is just the tracking vehicle. #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718506502663888896 
  123. A5) Some of the traditional functionality may be desired to support right-fit learning strategies - but not necessarily an LMS #GuildChat
  124. @StyleLearn I had this bookmarked to read. Thanks for reminding me to make it so. This is my ideal type of platform #GuildChat
  125. @MathVermeulen not sure that it does -- certainly like a lot of things it jut becomes institutionalized #guildchat
  126. I'm late as well @cpjobling and just getting used to this chat interaction. Liz Woodward, Learning Strategist with CGS #guildchat
  127. A5 many orgs require some centralized training system of record - proof, tick the box, etc. LMS serves that function #GuildChat
  128. A2) @mohammadhassam @eLearningGuild there are many solutions that already provide what you mention. coaching forums etc #GuildChat
  129. Agreed! Some of the functionality is great for some situations. Doesn't HAVE to be in a trad. LMS though. #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/JD_Dillon/status/718507141854818304 
  130. @dbolen That "tick the box" thing is usually what sets me on fire I admit. #guildchat
  131. @JD_Dillon @eLearningGuild So true! Don't confuse what is needed with how it's done. The "how" isn't a requirement. #GuildChat
  132. @ConstantLearnin thnx I look fwd to feedback. It's a great time in tech🤓#GuildChat
  133. A5: ours is primarily a content repository that provides some structure & guidelines. It's not (yet) part of the SIS really. #guildchat
  134. The general vibe here is not a positive one towards the LMS... and yet there are numerous companies sell & using and its growing #guildchat
  135. Question 6

  136. Q6. If you were starting a learning function today, would you secure an LMS? Why or why not? #GuildChat
  137. @britz ... true but the market is still relatively small compared to say, Office 365. #guildchat
  138. A5) @Tracy_Parish showed great WordPress use for course at #devlearn Could not get team to look due to "not in LMS" #guildchat
  139. @ConstantLearnin the data typically tells us who did/didn't complete and scores... it cannot live up to the "L" in its label tho #guildchat
  140. @britz I think part of it is the new platforms are starting to see the potential. All of us are already landlocked in the old #GuildChat
  141. @britz I would not say I am negative toward LMS. Just the one here & how it is used. #guildchat
  142. I do think role of the LMS will change longer term thinking in terms of enablement vs training, demo of biz value @eLearningGuild #GuildChat
  143. @britz It makes you wonder, is the failure in the principle or the implementation? #GuildChat
  144. so much of it would seem to depend on the tool itself -is "LMS: too broad a topic to effectively interact?#guildchat  https://twitter.com/britz/status/718507864365666304 
  145. A5) HR usually is the culprit because orgs need to show compliance. LnD pays the price because of this #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/elearningguild/status/718506502663888896 
  146. A6) Probably not. I'd rather prioritize a system that allows me to measure before/after business outcomes. #guildchat
  147. A6) No. Absolutely no. I would implement an LRS and use xAPI. I never want to use SCORM again. #guildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718508040782278656 
  148. A6) I would. Mngt outside our area respond to data an LMS can provide. Have to direct them to the "right" data, not ALL data. #guildchat
  149. @SimonBlairTrain often its the wrong tool used for the "problem" #guildchat
  150. A5. That's the strange & fun contradiction during conferences: anti-LMS sessions vs pro-LMS expo hall :-) #Guildchat  https://twitter.com/britz/status/718507864365666304 
  151. A6) I would secure the tools + resources that help people do their jobs + solve our business problems #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718508040782278656 
  152. Interesting discussions here for sure with great insight. Thanks! @britz @cpjobling #guildchat
  153. A6 I'd probably want something that was more user-focused and could track a wider range of experiences for them, not me #GuildChat
  154. @ConstantLearnin this is true. Many locked in, part of the bigger system now #guildchat
  155. A5 If platform fit needs & allowed for expanded functionality, I'm game. Right tech for right situation #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718508040782278656 
  156. @StyleLearn Well or no one bothered to chat with IT prior to getting one. #guildchat
  157. A5) How do you resolve compliance out of an LMS? The path of less resistance my friend... #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/jd_dillon/status/718506946450624513 
  158. A6 if I had a completely free hand and plenty of time I'd prefer to use something else ... #guildchat
  159. @britz I rage against the compliance data machine regularly, and I lose because of budget/lack of innovation/industry standards #GuildChat
  160. #GuildChat A6 A central store to capture knowledge not an LMS that only manages courses. https://t.co/RSch8u9leF
    #GuildChat A6 A central store to capture knowledge not an LMS that only manages courses. pic.twitter.com/RSch8u9leF
  161. A6. At my last employer we bypassed LMS for Social Platform. Placed people, not content/courses at the center #guildchat
  162. A6 ... but I don't want to risk confusing my students so I seek integration points with 3rd-party tech. #guildchat
  163. need some type of system, but still trying to figure out what is the best for us -- like so much of tech-fast change #guildchat
  164. @eLearningGuild #GuildChat Something personalized to the learner, help them track their networked digital identity & contributions.
  165. @SimonBlairTrain @britz I don't wonder...I believe that most of the time it's the implementation w/out proper needs analysis #GuildChat
  166. @heikan2003 Good one, however IT may not be familiar with edtech lndtech just spent 3 mo to get captivate installed right 😱 #GuildChat
  167. @britz #GuildChat Yes, I want to work with that kind of mission.
  168. @britz internal - external focus is part of the equation as well #guildchat
  169. Question 7

  170. Q7. If you could replace an LMS which technology(s) would you swap it for? Why? #GuildChat
  171. @ConstantLearnin @SimonBlairTrain even the name itself is inviting to execs. "Management" is the LMS's middle name #guildchat
  172. I would love that, at the right company. It would not be a fit here due to legal issues. #guildchat  https://twitter.com/britz/status/718509293386010625 
  173. @cpjobling Only one free hand? That's a big hand you've got! ;) #GuildChat
  174. @StyleLearn @JD_Dillon With a spreadsheet or a database? Both are easily searchable and can cater to reporting. #GuildChat
  175. Times are also changing - demand for agility, quick sharing, quick and easy access are critical @SimonBlairTrain @britz #GuildChat
  176. @billbollenbach Yes Bill, correct. We were not focused on customer education #guildchat
  177. A7) What do people find most useful within the context? Likely collaborative + targeted resources #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718509767078060032 
  178. A7) Something more predictive based on the person, and less stochastic. #guildchat
  179. A7: Microsoft OneNote Classroom Notebook has some interesting features. And I've seen great courses delivered using WordPress. #guildchat
  180. A7) Sounds like most people would trade their LMS for a shake machine. #guildchat
  181. A7. I've seen some niffy home-made portals. Low friction on the workflow #guildchat
  182. A7 Social platform that connected users w/content, kindred spirits & resources. No data allowed! #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718509767078060032 
  183. #guildchat A7 Baseball cards. Use 'em like #cuerockstar participants use shred sessions to learn about training. Trade 'em with peers, etc..
  184. @ChadSLowry It's lunchtime...please don't tempt me, but yes. Totally. #GuildChat
  185. #guildchat A7 When compliance time rolls around spread your baseball (training) cards on the table to show what you got.
  186. @edtechinsight Honestly the selling point was share analysis of how work was being done and the level of expertise in workforce #guildchat
  187. A7. Something like Degreed, more user focused, with lots of integrations, ... in combination with an LRS. #GuildChat
  188. A7) I actually think community platforms like Jive or Lithium would work better, with xAPI integration. #GuildChat
  189. Yes @britz We're moving to greater need for connecting people, collaboratively sharing content (knowledge/skills), experiences #guildchat
  190. @britz You don't have to name, but curious what type of org that was #GuildChat
  191. A7 I've been liking the idea of personal learning portfolios like Degreed that are user-focused, but employers can tap into #GuildChat
  192. A7. Even better: Degreed meets LRS meets Slack. #GuildChat
  193. @liz_woodward The need is always there right? The culture often unwilling... #guildchat
  194. A7) A website with SQL DBs in the back end... oh snap! #GuildChat
  195. A7: you could really geek out with something like "course in a box" ( http://howto.p2pu.org/ ) and host your course on GitHub! #guildchat
  196. #guildchat A6 No. I'd try n sell the powers that be (PTB) on the idea of a YouTube-like LMS where thems that knows makes the trainings..
  197. @StyleLearn @JD_Dillon If you say so. I've seen DBs with millions of records and hundreds/thousands of concurrent connections. #GuildChat
  198. @AlwaysBreaking My only concern with a community platform is that the execs have to see distinction between learning & support. #guildchat
  199. A7) Help people find and share content and experiences, build support and structure only where needed #GuildChat
  200. @britz Transparency is an important value to cultivate. Well done. #guildchat
  201. #guildchat A1 LMSs keep the people who maintain them employed.
  202. @edtechinsight I believe orgs have a better shot to maintain openness/transparency when small than shift to it when large #guildchat
  203. #guildchat A2 LMSs add a layer of abstraction between thems that needs to learn and thems that produce the learning. Tech gets in the way..
  204. @urbie Content sharing in social learning-based LMS platforms do that. We as L&D are not the SMEs, so let the SMEs run the joint #GuildChat
  205. Question 8

  206. Q8. The LMS continues to evolve. What do you see as future capabilities of the LMS? #GuildChat
  207. @SimonBlairTrain @JD_Dillon me too! I write SQL Would I rather get a SaaS technology or hire a dBa to maintain my nonlms DB #GuildChat
  208. Why am I late to #guildchat? Kiddo found a lizard in the house. For a little while I was a kid again hunting lizards. They still feel cool.
  209. A8) Fail a course twice = here's a resource near you who aced it the first time; ask that person for help. #guildchat
  210. @urbie and your checkbook for all the fines 😄😄😄⚾️ #GuildChat
  211. A8 Love the idea of customized content offerings: based on proficiencies, content offered to fill in gaps #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718511605164716034 
  212. . @britz I've seen a greater imperative to reduce the middleman and anything that drags down the pace. Social hastens. #guildchat
  213. A8) On-demand knowledge access, sharing and collaboration capability, right-size content #GuildChat  https://twitter.com/eLearningGuild/status/718511605164716034 
  214. #guildchat A8 LMSs need to get a lot easier to use for tracking/reporting. The whole register-for-credit (RFC) doesn't work for some T-POPs.
  215. @ChadSLowry Right there with you. Why waste a SME's time because you need to set a baseline for all #GuildChat
  216. A8. I see xAPI weaving in, record portability, better tie in to other systems rather than the typical monolith #guildchat
  217. A8) General ease of use improvements. Better connections to other tech. #guildchat
  218. @StyleLearn #guildchat There has to be another way. Maybe LMSs make us lazy/complacent so we don't bother to look?
  219. A8 I'd love to see Amazon-like recommendations. "Like this content? You might also like..." #GuildChat
  220. A8: it becomes invisible. More an operating system to support learning than an app. A network not a node. #guildchat
  221. A8) Merging learning tech with working tech; also learning data with business data to gain greater insight into performance #GuildChat
  222. @ChadSLowry Actually meant response for somethin else, but the idea of customized learning pairs up nicely w/this #GuildChat
  223. @eGeeking We've asked our LMS provider for this, and they're working on it #GuildChat
  224. Mobile, Video and Perf. Support will be the focus at the FocusOn Conf & Expo in June. More here  http://bit.ly/1Rcmjtk  #GuildChat #elguild
  225. @urbie To be honest whether you do it in paper or electronic you still have to manage and that takes people... LMS or not 🤔 #GuildChat
  226. @eGeeking you are not going to like me but, that's already available 🤓 oops #GuildChat
  227. @StyleLearn @urbie We find that paper doesn't get tracked as thoroughly across hundreds of locations, so we use LMS as crutch #GuildChat
  228. Thanks #GuildChat! Hope to cya at FocusOn in a few months. Til then checkout  http://jddillon.com  +  http://axonify.com 
  229. great conversation/sharing today. I think we hit a nerve ;) Thanks for joining in! See you all next week #guildchat
  230. Closing

  231. Thanks for joining today! Be sure to check out the TWIST blog for our next topic:  http://dld.bz/dwMFf  #GuildChat
  232. @StyleLearn #guildchat It's over-reliance on LMS tech piece that bothers me. discourages [messy] communication. Learning's not a transaction
  233. Great chat ! Thought provoking topic... thanks all!! #guildchat
  234. A8) Graphic Display Analytics. if your LMS report is an Excel export it's time for a new eLMS #timesaver #GuildChat
  235. Thanks everyone for always making Friday a good one due to #guildchat
  236. @StyleLearn #guildchat People have a lot more empathy than any LMS I've worked with
  237. @ConstantLearnin @StyleLearn And I get that piece. But when's the last time L&D teamed up with others within the org to work it? #guildchat
  238. Future "LMS" will address enablement as microservices, social, experiences, smaller bites, ties to business goals @eLearningGuild #GuildChat
  239. Well, that's it for #GuildChat. I now bring you back to your usual tweets about wishing the snow in Toronto would go away already.
  240. @urbie absolutely but there's nothing wrong with symbiosis between people n tech n learning 🤓#GuildChat
  241. So glad I made it back to the office for #GuildChat. Great conversation on LMS frustrations/potential. See y'all next time!
  242. Indeed Mark @britz. I study the #LMS market + it's thriving. Definition is expanding + so are learning tech solutions. +675 now #guildchat
  243. @urbie @StyleLearn Ideally L&D shouldn't be involved in tracking compliance. You probably know how that story ends #GuildChat
  244. @heikan2003 Thanks for the mention Heidi. We continue to use it for a few initiatives that our LMS can't handle. #guildchat
  245. @ChadSLowry Learning and support go hand-in-hand. If you do enough for learning, then support should be reduced. #GuildChat
  246. @edtechinsight @StyleLearn @urbie Thanks for sharing. I wish there was more intersection between business and academia. #GuildChat
  247. @JohnLeh @britz Do you think legacy platforms not keeping up has prompted this new wave? (I'm going to read the article tonight) #GuildChat
  248. @eLearningGuild Looks like I missed a great #guildchat. Relevant, but I was driving home from a week of LMS demos for new implementation!
  249. @ConstantLearnin @britz I do. When then talent providers acquired the tier one LMS providers innovation stalled opening the door! #GuildChat
  250. @ConstantLearnin @britz Good LMS PMs always in demand - With so many new vendors in space, not enough expertise to go around! #GuildChat
  251. End

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