#LTHEChat #byod4lchat - January 2014

One of my earliest stories - not actually published til now!

  1. We are back next week with a new organising team & joined-up #lthechat #byod4lchat > are you getting ready?
  2. Hello everybody and Happy New Year, We are back next week with the 4th iteration of BYOD4L. This is super exciting…  http://ift.tt/1Z8FcHI 
  3. Hello everybody, The #BYOD4L  is back in January 16 for the 4th time. We will be using a different approach to sup…  http://ift.tt/1Z8FfDl 
  4. .@EHannan14 OneNote Class Notebook has a collaboration feature that allows this to be easily set up. Plain old OneNote will work too #byod4l
  5. Hi, I'm Chris Jobling, a Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Swansea University , long-tim…  http://ift.tt/1K8Gfew 
  6. Welcome to day 1 - http://ift.tt/1PZzqSM  Warm welcome to #BYOD4L and Topic 1: Connecting Dear friends, A warm we…  http://ift.tt/1PZzt15 
  7. This week I'll be using a Surface Pro 4, iPad, iPhone and Mac Pro to participate in #BYOD4L. Reflections on which was best may follow.
  8. @sheilmcn I think the time limited nature of a Periscope video is probably what makes it unique and useful for just this sort of session!
  9. #BYOD4L when you grow up with technology you can instantly see the benefits of how it could improve learning&teaching. continued...
  10. #BYOD4L if you haven't grown up with technology/ don't use technology, it must be difficult to see how it can be embedded into teaching.
  11. A year ago "#BYOD4L Day 1: The morning after the day/night before"  http://wp.me/p34gGY-Q  via @neilwithnell who is now a course leader!
  12. @neilwithnell you were finding keeping up to date as a #byod4l facilitator a challenge. Any advice for new mentors/facilitators?
  13. remember if you are joining the tweetchat tonight follow and use #byod4lchat
  14. If I quote a #BYOD4L tweet, do I have to use hashtag #BYOD4L in the quote for it to surface in the #BYOD4L stream?
  15. Facilitating/mentoring on #BYOD4L @neilwithnell advises "you can't be in all places at once ... The community thrives with peer support too"
  16. @suebecks @neilwithnell yes you need to have #Byod4l in the quoting tweet. Quoted tweet is actually only a link.
  17. Who’s joining us for #BYOD4Lchat this evening?! One hour to go. Tonight’s topic is ‘connecting'
  18. Who’s joining us for #BYOD4Lchat this evening?! One hour to go. Tonight’s topic is ‘connecting'
  19. Q1 What mobile device(s) do you use to connect with others? #BYOD4Lchat
  20. Q2 What apps or services do you use to connect? #BYOD4Lchat
  21. Q3 What BYOD4L forums have you used to connect today (Twitter, G+) and why? #BYOD4Lchat
  22. RT @BYOD4L Q2 What apps or services do you use to connect? #BYOD4Lchat
  23. A2 In order of usage email, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook #BYOD4Lchat
  24. @jenfromthepool the young 'uns don't want to be seen as uncool perhaps? ;-) #BYOD4Lchat ... but keep adding value for them and they'll come!
  25. RT @BYOD4L Q4 How do your connections help you with your learning and networking? #BYOD4Lchat
  26. @jenfromthepool I hear that that lots of students use twitter but see very little evidence of it when I try to engage with them! #byod4lchat
  27. @DiverseLearners you participated by letting us know that you couldn't participate. Skype is good too! #byod4lchat
  28. Q5 Do you connect with others in online discussions/groups? #BYOD4Lchat
  29. RT @BYOD4L Q5 Do you connect with others in online discussions/groups? #BYOD4Lchat
  30. A5 Do you mean outside SoMe? Like JISCmail? Answer not so much. Discussion groups and mailing lists is so C 20th! #byod4lchat
  31. @sheilmcn @S_J_Lancaster have you ever tried to get students to use them? Perhaps that fails for the same reason! #byod4lchat
  32. @alexgspiers @becksell2001perhaps with Yammer? #slack may have potential? #byod4lchat
  33. RT @BYOD4L Whew! We are almost over. Last question. Q6 Do you have any tips for connecting with others to build your network #BYOD4Lchat
  34. A6 ... join #LTHEchat on Wednesday's 20:00 GMT. It's done wonders for my PLN and CPD #byod4lchat
  35. @AllanGThomson "lurking" is not as bad as it sounds! ;-) You need to lurk a while to find out what the community's tone is! #byod4lchat
  36. @BYOD4L but I feel like Eliza Dolittle ... I could have tweeted all night ... and still have begged for more! #byod4lchat
  37. Nighty night everybody! .... (today my device was a macbook pro [unplugged] and I tweetchatted through the tweetchat web app). #byod4lchat
  38. @BYOD4L I just created a #byod4l group on #slack if you want to try it out!  https://byod4l.slack.com . Might be good for planning next run!
  39. @BYOD4L Just discovered that #slack is an email invitation app - you'll need to DM me with your email if you want access! #BYOD4L
  40. @egillaspy Obvious advantage is that, as they're hosted on Google Hangouts, an unhangout would be free. #BYOD4L
  41. Join myself, @sheilmcn and the community of #BYOD4L tweeps in half an hour on #BYOD4Lchat . Theme is 'communicating'.
  42. Worked really well so all your hard work was worth it! #BYOD4L Day One: Busy, busy, busy... BYOD4L Day One: Bus…  http://ift.tt/22Y2jUP 
  43. I don't have "smart phone thumbs" so it's the laptop and full size keyboard for me! #byod4lchat
  44. We hope you have enjoyed today’s #BYOD4L on Communication, and that you are ready for another fabulous #BYOD4Lchat
  45. Q1: How do you communicate using your mobile devices? #BYOD4Lchat
  46. A1: oddly enough on my smart phone not via telephony! Mostly text I have to say: email, twitter, google+ and today #slack #byod4lchat
  47. .@chrissinerantzi I certainly prefer asynchronous communication ... it puts me in control not me correspondents #byod4lchat
  48. RT @the_markness @neilwithnell @cpjobling Here's how we've used #slack recently <- I'll certainly curate that tomorrow! #byod4lchat
  49. @sheilmcn @chrissinerantzi still searching for the channel that works for me and my students. Still mostly Email! #byod4lchat
  50. Q2 When have you failed to communicate in the classroom? #BYOD4Lchat
  51. @neilwithnell @suebecks I've never really tried Siri ... feels a bit HAL 9000 to me!
  52. @neilwithnell @suebecks I've never really tried Siri ... feels a bit HAL 9000 to me! #byod4lchat
  53. @sheilmcn @BYOD4L A2 did trial some web-based classroom management software one that had great potential but wouldn't work! #byod4lchat
  54. @sheilmcn @BYOD4L might have to go off-line for details ... to embarrassing to the Co. concerned to state discuss in the open! #byod4lchat
  55. @suebecks @neilwithnell ... not Star Trek standard yet voice recognition and AI then! #byod4lchat
  56. Q3: How can mobile devices aid communication? #BYOD4Lchat
  57. @suebecks @egillaspy @neilwithnell OK Google? ... think so but not restricted to Android. Available on Chrome I believe! #byod4lchat
  58. A3 potentially by improving engagement ... I really want shared whiteboard tech to work! #byod4lchat
  59. @sheilmcn @LindaOpen The Voice Memo app on original iPhone was good. Then it disappeared ... and now it's back ... #BYOD4Lchat
  60. Q4: How can mobile devices hinder communication?
  61. There's a BYOD4L community on #slack that I set up as an experiment. Contact me if you want an invite. #BYOD4L #byod4lchat
  62. @S_J_Lancaster @patlockley you must tell us why. Slack's still "interesting but what do I use it for?" for me. #byod4lchat
  63. Isn't there a limit to users in Socrative. No limits in Kahoot! but only MCQs I believe. #BYOD4L  https://twitter.com/AllanGThomson/status/687011461936377860 
  64. You turn your attention off for a second and Q4 comes along! And I can't find it! #byod4lchat
  65. A4: eyes down ... checking their devices not eyes front engaging with me ... like real life! #byod4lchat
  66. Q5: Do you have one (or two) top tip(s) for effective communication? #BYOD4Lchat
  67. A5 I like other people's answers to this better than mine which was "honestly no!" #byod4lchat
  68. @Stylianoudaki my advice is to answer them later when it's quieter ... even if the only audience is yourself #byod4lchat
  69. MT @BYOD4L Join us tomorrow, same time, same place for a joint #byod4lchat and #lthechat < not looking forward to the 2 Hashtag challenge!
  70. @neilwithnell thanks! Found it by leaving tweetchat and checking @BYOD4L on twitter.
  71. There was a bit of a meme when conversation mentioned Siri, Hey Google! and Cortana ... anyone used these digital assistants? #byod4lchat
  72. @moriook @BYOD4L Thanks very much. I've added the team to the directory and I'll post a link.
  73. .@BYOD4L Interested in trying slack? There's now a place where you can request an invite:  https://slofile.com/teams/byod4l . #BYOD4L #BYOD4Lchat
  74. Lots of devices and apps allow audio recording. Standard iPhone voice message app is pretty good. #BYOD4L #highered.  https://twitter.com/GdnHigherEd/status/687250329843335168 
  75. Trello came up in the #BYOD4Lchat last night. Here's a public Trello board for #BYOD4L if you want to try it!  https://trello.com/b/eOVQUvha/exploring-trello-for-byod4l 
  76. @egillaspy will need to checkout DropTask too though now :-) #BYOD4L
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