#HEAchat/#LTHEchat February 2016

An unofficial record of "Embedding conference learning in your teaching practice" hosted by @cuthbert_kate and @jess1ecat. Perhaps different from the official storify because I've tried to be careful to include all tweets using #HEAchat and/or #LTHEchat. Created because I couldn't be there.

  1. Tonight at 8pm! #lthechat and #heachat combo 'Embedding conference learning in your teaching practice'  http://lthechat.com  #edtechchat
  2. Hope to take part in tonight's #LTHEchat - had to miss last week owing to work. :-(
  3. Join us for our next #HEAchat TONIGHT 8pm how do you make sure your CPD gets translated into practice?  http://bit.ly/1oKPz41  #LTHEchat
  4. #HEAHSC16 Coming soon on HEA event page for all conference presentations  http://tinyurl.com/j2fofaw  your conference rear view mirror #HEAchat
  5. Excellent first day at #HEAHSC16 - really inspired & looking forward to dinner and #HEAchat tonight
  6. Just about to catch up with the tweet stream from #HEAHSC16 and the incomparable @SimonHeath1 artwork, also coming up soon #HEAchat 8pm
  7. @suebecks @debbaff @chrissinerantzi we should give the credit to @mandyjjack who composed the pic and pressed the button! #LTHEchat #badge
  8. #LTHEchat and #HEAchat with Dr Kate Cuthbert. @cuthbert_kate. The rearview mirror: Embedding conferen…  http://wp.me/p4QBCl-jo  via LTHEchat
  9. Although HE is the usual audience I think this one could be valuable to FE and School folk #LTHEchat #HEAchat  https://twitter.com/debbaff/status/702563075904421891 
  10. One hour to go to #HEAchat #LTHEchat get your twitter fingers ready :) Read the blog and follow one of the tags it's that easy.
  11. @WarwickLanguage @EricStoller #LTHEchat #HEAchat Can't make it, hoping tonight's chat will inspire lots of sharing of #digifest16 experience
  12. 30 mins to #HEAchat #LTHEchat, we'll be discussing CPD, changing your teaching practice & the rear view mirror. Join us?
  13. I have made the radical (for me) decision not to fire up a laptop for tonight's #HEAchat #LTHEchat I am going to try and single device it...
  14. #HEAchat #LTHEchat starts in 10 minutes, time to put the kettle on - or find a place to tweet from if you’re at #HEAHSC16!
  15. What is about Wednesday 8pm GMT and educator tweetchats? So many! I will be jumping between #LTHEchat and #edenchat
  16. We have the pleasure of having Kate Cuthbert @HEAHealthSocial with us today to host the chat #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  17. Our topic? The rearview mirror & embedding learning in your teaching practice. Blog here:  http://bit.ly/1oKPz41  #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  18. Hello everybody and welcome to our joint #HEAchat #LTHEchat this time coming live from the conference floor at #HEAHSC16
  19. For those new to tweetchats we will precede questions with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. So you can follow the conversations use #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  20. To answer a question please answer with A1, A2, A3 etc & include #LTHEchat #HEAchat (anywhere within your answer)
  21. Looking forward to tonight's #LTHEchat #HEAchat on CPD and changing teaching practice. Sustaining bonbons at the ready!
  22. Please introduce yourself and say why the topic interests you #LTHEchat #HEAChat
  23. My name is Simon and I am reflective (for a scientist) #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  24. @HEA_chat I'm ready! Timely topic with #HEAHSC16 on at the moment and the Arts & Humanities conference next week. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  25. Don’t forget to add A1. A2. etc. to your answers & to use the #tags #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  26. Question 1

  27. Q1. What is it like getting back to work after a conference? 
 #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/PaAGZF9kAz
    Q1. What is it like getting back to work after a conference? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/PaAGZF9kAz
  28. Looking forward to some food for thought and developing some good CPD strategies #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  29. A1. Suffice to say that the words 'lead' and 'balloon' spring immediately to mind. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  30. Ironic CPD was my mind today, I was running a TQM workshop with students thought be good CPD for colleagues @HEA_SocSci #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  31. #HEAchat #LTHEchat Hi! I'm Emma Kennedy, educational developer at QMUL - interested in how to bridge the gap between ideas & change :)
  32. A1 After conference I am full of ideas for work. #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Conference stays with me.
  33. A1. If you've done it 'properly' and taken time out to focus on the conference & nothing else, it can be really jarring. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  34. A1 #LTHEchat #LTHEchat it is always quite tiring so there is always a lag keeping motivated is the key
  35. A1 one good idea that I will actually apply is a good return for a conference. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  36. I'm Julie, and i'm looking for ideas of CPD. Too many interesting topcis to explore #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  37. A1 full of enthusiasm and ideas... For about 5 minutes. Then the daily grind kicks in #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  38. @WarwickLanguage #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Don't you feel that ideas keep coming back into your mind? Pop up so to say?
  39. Hi I'm Sophie looking forward to my first live chat #LTHEchat
  40. A1 #lthechat #heachat im usually buzzing with ideas (and coffee) and laden with goodies !
  41. A1. If you're popping in & out of the conf while still doing the day job, it's less jarring but also less valuable. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  42. A1 #lthechat usually am lifted by experience of going to conference. colours of work seem brighter
  43. Good scientists are reflective we ask ourselves, was experiment flawed, could be improved, how do we scale up, etc @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat
  44. A1 Just imagine what it's like being @jess1ecat one great @HEAcademy conference after another #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  45. @ncjbrown usually I curate the ideas as I go, through blogging and curating my tweets in storify #LTHEchat
  46. #HEAchat Invigorating...new ideas to challenge...new practice to think about...recognition of good practice too!
  47. A1: Fizzing with new ideas -& then there's realisation that people back at base are not on the same page or even in the same book #LTHEchat
  48. A1 disseminating infos to colleagues + cutting automatic replies #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  49. A1 full of ideas but fearing the work to catch up with! #LTHEchat
  50. @WarwickLanguage #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I know what y mean, but ai find the ideas come back and pop in my mind even months later
  51. A1. #HEAchat #LTHEchat I usually blog my thoughts, often draft them on the train then when done share with my students
  52. @hammel_rachel #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 But doesn't need others to get on board. Own practice changes and develops...
  53. @ncjbrown It's great to take 1-2 days out to think about things that really matter. =>Returning to normality can be bumpy.#HEAchat #LTHEchat
  54. A1 full of enthusiasm and ideas.... The. Push them aside to catch up on email and stuff #LTHEchat
  55. A1. I have a fiction of good practice in which I go over all the notes, look up the interesting references. #HEAchat
  56. A1 plus a bit tired as it's normally the last train back to mid Wales! #LTHEchat
  57. A1 I attended a conference in my undergrad years and what I saw/learnt there still affects me now years later. #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16
  58. That helps me deal with the storm of inspiration and consolidate my thoughts. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  59. A1 #heachat #LTHEchat arm stretched carrying conference notes/bumph/cards/freebies Invigorated😀 Hyper? then the interest…or lack thereof😕
  60. Q2. What's the best way to help colleagues back home engage with your learning from a conference? #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/66W99r0Y5z
    Q2. What's the best way to help colleagues back home engage with your learning from a conference? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/66W99r0Y5z
  61. Question 2

  62. Q2. What's the best way to help colleagues back home engage with your learning from a conference? #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/66W99r0Y5z
    Q2. What's the best way to help colleagues back home engage with your learning from a conference? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/66W99r0Y5z
  63. Blogging sounds like a great way to turn enthusiasm into s/th solid for reflection/dissemination #lthechat #HEAchat  https://twitter.com/iantindal/status/702586280123744258 
  64. @Chris_Wiley #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Exactly, but that can be with you for a long time not just a few days after
  65. Oh for that sweet spot when the day after a conference is a day off!! #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  66. A1. I think my colleagues dread me coming back from a conference full of new ideas to try out on them #LTHEchat
  67. I no longer take written notes at conferences, all electronic and searchable, very helpful when I return to work #LTHEchat
  68. @HEA_chat I don't have an obvious solution to that, although I know it's so important to have space and time to think. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  69. A2 stop them in the corridor and recount every last detail before they can get a coffee or reach the toilet #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  70. @HEA_chat A2 #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Blogging, twitter, webpage, but also leading by example in next meetings and lectures
  71. A1.It's hard getting bk into 'real world but that one idea that's stuck with you can then be explored #HEAchat
  72. A2 see the benefits, your learning will help others? #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  73. A2 buy them cake to buy you time to tell them all about it #LTHEchat
  74. A1 - and as an introvert it's important for me to have recovery and reflective time after being in a social space #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  75. A2. Tweet about it; why wait until you get back home to share the knowledge...? #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  76. #lthechat A2 tweet live, then storify and send them a link; later, depends on nature of conference
  77. @WarwickLanguage #LTHEchat @AnneHole is a digital note taker too! I still grapple with both
  78. @HEA_chat #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 But others don't need to "get it". Conference changing you will gradually rub off on others
  79. @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat hmmm how to win friends and influence - perhaps not between them and the coffee
  80. A2 arranging a time together so we can discuss one another recollections. Seen pple back from a conf keeping the info #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  81. A2 start with the non-threatening ideas and build up from there. Plus give them the freebies! #LTHEchat
  82. A2 arranging a time together so we can discuss one another recollections. Seen pple back from a conf keeping the info #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  83. Ooh good q! A2 good idea to reflect & converse on how the new ideas intersect w/work priorities #HEAchat #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/HEA_chat/status/702586800481505281 
  84. A2. Still learning. During my PhD, conferences were my "expert" sounding board, as my supervisor was not an authority in my field. #HEAchat
  85. That's because we call it results discussion, analysis, conclusion and discussion, different words. @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  86. A2 Feeding back at a staff meeting is a usual requirement for finding in many HEI #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  87. Me too! It's so invigorating meeting enthused and creative people! @S_J_Lancaster #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  88. .@HEA_chat @LTHEchat A1 Like a bomb went off in my inbox and spending the rest of the day catching up. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  89. A2 tweet while there n'blog about experience when you get back ...and bring them back freebie;) #heachat #lthechat  https://twitter.com/HEA_chat/status/702586800481505281 
  90. .@HEA_chat @LTHEchat A1 Like a bomb went off in my inbox and spending the rest of the day catching up. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  91. A2 tweet while there n'blog about experience when you get back ...and bring them back freebie;) #heachat #lthechat  https://twitter.com/HEA_chat/status/702586800481505281 
  92. A2 @HEA_chat Standing item at academic committees & SMT to share staff development updates with colleagues and collate resources #LTHEchat
  93. A2 that's really tricky as they don't have the same feelings for the ideas, I tend to pass on what fits with their interests #LTHEchat
  94. A2 sharing specific presentations with colleagues who have an interest.......reflections...in blog....maybe a workshop/ discussion #HEAchat
  95. A2 I have been known to record bits of presentations and include in podcasts for my students #LTHEchat
  96. @HEA_chat #HEAchat #LTHEC A1 I feel like blogging and A2. that seems the best way to share thoughts with colleagues and beyond
  97. As such, returning from conferences was another chance to say, "This is how they do it in media studies..." about s/th in thesis. #HEAchat
  98. A2. If you come bk all fired up, colleagues will want to know why and be interested in what you tell them. Tweeting also helps! #HEAchat
  99. #lthechat Adele gets award for best British solo female singer....
  100. Ditto, I am describe as Manic, running around on speed @simonrae #LTHEchat
  101. .@HEA_chat @LTHEchat A2 Using the dept Twitter account and the official hashtag, after conference blogging within a month #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  102. Husband had habit booking holiday, so come back from conference and then go away @jess1ecat #LTHEchat
  103. A2 ooh I'm keen to try and #periscope too for the next one to see if that helps ! #lthechat #heachat
  104. A2 #HEAchat #LTHEchat Spread the word…interject into conversations…email…coffee break chats…weave into presentations…SHOUT at dept meetings😉
  105. @WarwickLanguage @ElizabethECharl or other appropriate consumable that keeps them in one place and unable to interrupt! #LTHEchat
  106. #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 A2 I just try things out straight away, even if I don't believe in them. See what happens. That rubs off
  107. A2 I plan on writing up any interesting conga/ideas in College newsletter - hoping someone at least will read it and get ideas! #HEAchat
  108. A2 for colleagues on twitter, copy them in on links to things I think will be of interest #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  109. A2 for colleagues on twitter, copy them in on links to things I think will be of interest #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  110. @chrissinerantzi @simonrae @ResonanceEXTRA #LTHEchat #HEAchat Don't be tempted to hold your phone out of the window to get extra signal :)
  111. A2. Tweeting during conf is essential. But it only works (in ref to Q2) if colleagues are following the hashtag. #HEAchat
  112. I use penultimate handwritten , but searchable or tweet @WarwickLanguage #LTHEchat
  113. A2. I do try to tweet but I get so involved I forget #LTHEchat
  114. A2 does this not also apply to learning from #LTHEchat ??
  115. @anortcliffe @jess1ecat yes that is what I do -find a conference somewhere nice and go directly on holiday. #LTHEchat
  116. @SarahSwanSAILS @HEA_chat #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I then tend to demonstrate learning rather than just talk about it
  117. @santanuvasant That's a good pt about using dep't acc't. It also gives a spur to the tweet-shy in the dep't: Look what you can do. #HEAchat
  118. A2: Enabling them to be part of learning, incorporating their perspectives & ideas. Digital media can enable this synchronously #LTHEchat
  119. @DrSophieWard #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I did that with social media workshop and used socrative as audience response, was well received
  120. A2 use Twitter to ensure they never entirely miss the conference #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  121. A2 I also enthuse about the place and encourage colleagues to share scholarship to get to travel #LTHEchat
  122. A2 I create draft mails with links, quotes, names etc. that i send when back, like a special conf note #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  123. A2. #HEAchat #LTHEchat Periscope can be useful on the day + the saved video of key bits can bring the speaker into the post-event sharing.
  124. Q2 ask if we could bring speakers from conf' to our event, outline LTA initiative to pilot, persuade colleagues to try #HEA_chat #lthechat
  125. @HEA_chat No guarantees on that front, esp in a disciplinarily diffuse dep't like mine (religious studies). #HEAchat
  126. @michaelmunnik @LTHEchat it assumes colleagues have similar interests -not always true in smaller departments. #LTHEchat
  127. We try remember to share the storify on our blog at work on Thursdays#sharethelove for #heachat #lthechat  https://twitter.com/PLumsden/status/702588410314235904 
  128. @HEA_chat good point, I get ratty in conference organisers haven't sorted # #LTHEchat
  129. A2 #HEAchat #LTHEchat Also leave bumph lying around…pinned to notice boards…in ppl' pigeon-holes…old-school dissemination tactics😀
  130. @Charlesknight @LTHEchat Or really wide-spread ones (ie area studies or, my case, religious studies). #HEAchat
  131. A2 I've always thought more formal ways of feeding back work well (seminars etc) but recently wondering if informal works better #HEAchat
  132. A2 try and have an event where conference ideas are shared in the workplace #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  133. @SarahSwanSAILS @HEA_chat #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Yes. And means they gain confidence to try out their learning too
  134. @ncjbrown #HEAchat yes I think encouraging a culture of trying things out can work wonders!
  135. Hey all - with you as soon as I've finished marking some essays! #LTHEchat
  136. @LindaOpen @HEA_chat I find it connects me to other active Tweeters at the conf itself. Very good esp for ECR still bldg networks. #HEAchat
  137. @debbaff I wish :) It's a bunch of sketchnotes but then it's a base to discuss it further #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  138. A2. I generally live blog when I can and then #storify as I go along and release afterwards #LTHEchat
  139. A2 institutions could do more to aggregate blogged content for better #CPD providing portals for sharing, not everyone on twitter #LTHEchat
  140. It may sound old fashioned, but I try to find time to share info through informal chat and extra handouts I've collected #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  141. I send emails with papers attached, or email discussion with citations and full Harvard reference @simonrae #LTHEchat
  142. A2. Yes! Also works really well as an aide-memoire for me to collect and annotate thoughts during/after #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/jtardy81/status/702588945314549760 
  143. @lewah2013 #LTHEchat #HEAchat informal lets you choose your audience carefully and hopefully target the right people.
  144. Question 3

  145. Q3. What makes the difference between an idea being taken forward into practice and an idea lost? #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/tWH0Q54Gw5
    Q3. What makes the difference between an idea being taken forward into practice and an idea lost? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/tWH0Q54Gw5
  146. A2 last year I invited two people I'd met at conferences to present at internal conference - good way to bring in externals #LTHEchat
  147. #heachat @HEA_chat A2 I like to send personal emails to select colleagues with points of interest just for them, with url/reference
  148. @ellapopper #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Do y find ppl read what you prepare? I find trying things out is more effective
  149. @debbaff @WarwickLanguage most already have the tools to do this, Yammer on Office365 and Google Plus on GAFE #HEA_chat #LTHEchat
  150. A2 - Ask carefully framed questions that get people thinking differently rather than telling them 'what I learned' #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  151. A3 sometimes it is just a matter of timing - if you are busy you are less likely to try new things #LTHEchat
  152. #HEAchat #LTHEchat Remember to add the A number to your responses as well as the hash tags
  153. Forgot do that as well, colleagues must love us when we are away @OnlineMDA @jtardy81 #LTHEchat #heachat
  154. #HEA_chat #LTHEchat A1 a realisation that conferences are an imaginary world full of fairy tale characters and fables that have no reality!
  155. A3 the endless cycle of lost ideas does irritate me, digital curation can help to limit this #LTHEchat is we are open #OEP #HEAchat
  156. A3. You can't implement what you can't remember. So note-taking, aide-memoires, keeping the conf programme on file etc. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  157. #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 A3 The acceptance on the parts of the students...
  158. Ideas aren't lost are they, knowledge runs back and forwards. Ideas are tralfamadore? #LTHEchat #HEAChat
  159. @jamesclay #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 That's a shame. Doesn't need to be like that. It can affect you and that is enough!
  160. Q3 being relevant in a particular context....adaptable ideas....#HEAchat
  161. #HEA_chat #LTHEchat A3 a willingness to recognise others can come up with good ideas, they don't need to be invented here all the time!
  162. A3 I think it's important to have a chance to process an idea & take ownership - helps create commitment to idea #lthechat #HEAchat
  163. A3 Timing and relevancy - always focus on 1-3 issues that may address existing or on horizon challenges #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  164. Thought I had great idea for assessment but my students were not keen so it fizzled #LTHEchat
  165. A3. Worth mentioning that sometimes ideas presented at confs can become newly relevant months or even years down the line.#LTHEchat #HEAchat
  166. A3 and if you have good place to apply something. I'll be taking Lego to a meeting after @chrissinerantzi #LegoinHE workshop today #LTHEchat
  167. A3 Following up on it pretty soon after conference - if don't arrange something tangible quickly is lost! @HEA_chat #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  168. Loads of great ideas being shared tonight, keep 'em coming #heachat
  169. A3. Some ideas run by themselves, others require determination and drive to get them off the ground, you just need the vision #LTHEchat
  170. @Chris_Wiley good point ! Maybe shoul add good curation and tagging to my list ! #heachat #lthechat
  171. A3 - capturing ideas, pinning them down and then working out (collaboratively) which to progress & which to park -but come back to #LTHEchat
  172. A3 having time and having good enough information to reconstruct your thoughts when you do have time #LTHEchat
  173. @HEA_chat A3 We have concentrate on implementing ideas soon -demonstrate & evaluate ASAP #LTHEchat #HEAChat
  174. A3 An idea from conference bottomed, adapted, formulated, applied and becomes your own main stream practice, #HEA_chat #LTHEchat
  175. Great discussions so far tonight on making CPD work #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  176. #lthechat a3 a good idea gets nicked quickly anyways, that's probably key to propogation. Kleptopography?
  177. A3. Spend time clarifying how it links to and enhances agreed priorities (e.g. LTAS, Strategic Plan) #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/hea_chat/status/702590070654689280 
  178. @Chris_Wiley We were reminded at a uni CPD event of time: a post-conf coffee turned into £2M grant app, but four years on. #HEAchat
  179. @OnlineMDA agree but sadly I think that's one of the things that gets lost in the daily pressure ... #heachat #lthechat
  180. @michaelmunnik Wow! That's some coffee!! Just goes to show how these things can develop. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  181. @ellapopper #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I just find colleajgues don't take time to read. If discussed in meetings it's different
  182. A3 #HEAchat #LTHEchat 70% Lost 20% Filed (to lose later?) 10% Used (taken forward into practice) Probably less an 10% in reality 😕
  183. @patlockley serendipity became my watchword in synthesis, its one thing to have an odd reaction but another to find the product #LTHEchat
  184. @Chris_Wiley So important to be able to find again when it becomes relevant..."I remember...." #HEAchat
  185. A3. I've rediscovered notes from confs ages ago with ideas to try but no time but finding them meant I could try them as planned #HEAchat
  186. @ncjbrown @ellapopper is it really different, or does is just seem that way when they're with you? #LTHEchat
  187. @S_J_Lancaster *pokes* you're an organic chemist aren't you? I can sense you channeling Kekule #lthechat
  188. @Chris_Wiley She was v impressive. But it was nurturing idea over time: "9mo from now, I'll be where you are. Let's talk more." #HEAchat
  189. A3 - Sometimes the benefits are not immediate. I am still actively thinking about & writing about conference I went to last summer #LTHEchat
  190. @HilaireGraham I'm so grateful for electronic records sometimes! Easier to locate than hard-copy conference programmes. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  191. #heachat @HEA_chat A3. Being "in the moment" I.e. relating to current need (within next 9 months). Just-in-time CPD?
  192. A3. Formulation of a rough implementation plan right away & consideration of the people who can help make it happen #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  193. @S_J_Lancaster pffft, if you're truly inorganic you should know what will come out your reactions! #lthechat
  194. @ncjbrown @chrissinerantzi using models as metaphor which you can then share and build together #LTHEchat
  195. @HilaireGraham Also worth a quick online check to see if a published version has appeared since the conference. #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  196. @hammel_rachel #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I still remember details of one conference I attended in undergrad studies.... Too long ago!
  197. @patlockley that's a nice definition of difference I might use that! #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  198. A3 Support generally, unless it's something you can implement on your own, then the change needs wider support #lthechat
  199. @Chris_Wiley @HilaireGraham I sometimes find the exact opposite! - programmes more visually distinct than electronic files #LTHEchat
  200. @ncjbrown yes, part of a discussion better. Could depend on the context? So perhaps using a variety of methods is ideal? #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  201. Question 4

  202. Q4. What has been your most positive experience of taking learning into your teaching practice? #HEAchat #LTHEchat https://t.co/oHMNgmBDPG
    Q4. What has been your most positive experience of taking learning into your teaching practice? #HEAchat #LTHEchat pic.twitter.com/oHMNgmBDPG
  203. A3 - some good percolation! Deep learning takes time #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  204. @ncjbrown @simonrae some need to be lost, not everything that looks like a good idea really is! #LTHEchat
  205. @LindaOpen @chrissinerantzi #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 I have done that, too... Talked about foundations and bricks for building faith
  206. A3. Avoiding the red tape and control that can easily suffocate a fledgling idea and destroy the creativity of individuals #LTHEchat
  207. A3 Memory triggers: my own notes, review of tweets/storify, blogposts, slideshare presentations #LTHEchat #HEAchat  https://twitter.com/HEA_chat/status/702590070654689280 
  208. @S_J_Lancaster at A levels they said organic chemistry was more chuck it and chance it #lthechat
  209. @Chris_Wiley Yes going to websites for proceedings is great!!!!! #HEAchat...but need to offer links for colleagues also....
  210. In Art it is called happy accident @patlockley, but could be you're @S_J_Lancaster frustrated English linguist #lthechat #HEAchat or
  211. @ellapopper #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 Best dissemination has happened when we all talked about our research focus
  212. @ncjbrown That's great! The best type of learning is rich and long lasting. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  213. @ncjbrown @chrissinerantzi but the bricks can represent anything, you build a metaphor rather than use building as a metaphor #LTHEchat
  214. #HEAchat A3. Engaging with people with energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in; shared purpose; a joint commitment; a leader
  215. @ncjbrown #lthechat #HEAchat No time, no money, not developed here syndrome. No buy-in. Some not actually relevant @LindaOpen
  216. A4 experiencing global #cmc and then this year involving students in online global conference and seeing excitement I felt #LTHEchat
  217. A4 So many! Pre-practical flipped resources and student-partnership both ideas that came from conf @HEA_chat #LTHEchat
  218. A4. Game-based learning! Introduced to me at a conference. Had no idea how much it would engage the students. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  219. @ncjbrown @simonrae the good ones will resurface at a later date, possibly they need more development or a different moment #LTHEchat
  220. @anortcliffe @S_J_Lancaster is successful is accidental, then why not try anything? Randomness as unprofessional? #lthechat
  221. @anortcliffe @patlockley oops maybe you weren't talking about my you're instead of your gaff a tweet or two back! #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  222. #LTHEchat #HEAchat #HEAHSC16 A4 Audience response systems - engagement by students was quite surprising...
  223. #LTHEchat #HEAChat student peer assessment and discussion boards high on the list
  224. @patlockley @anortcliffe we have another one we call "initial optimisation" the first attempt is often the best #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  225. A3 Just a thought doesn't count... I think. It is the doing that makes a difference #heachat #lthechat
  226. A4 being able to be reflexive, to put myself in students' shoes... again! Most valuable to create resources/systems #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  227. A4 ALT-C 2005 3 papers on videoing & audio recording lectures, led to me developing audio Lec notes, then audio feedback #heachat #lthechat
  228. A4 being able to be reflexive, to put myself in students' shoes... again! Most valuable to create resources/systems #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  229. A4 Implementing some small changes into an online learning environment and having students praise the improvement! #HEAchat #LTHEchat
  230. A4 taking some students to a conference and seeing them present their poster with confidence #LTHEchat
  231. A4: spreading the joy of new ways of thinking - enthusiasm tends to be respected and replicated #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  232. @S_J_Lancaster @anortcliffe mud sticks wreaks of over production and guess work? Pedagogic leeches! #lthechat
  233. A4 Not teaching practice, but published paper directly based on conversations at conf  http://f1000research.com/articles/4-76/v2  @HEA_chat #LTHEchat
  234. A4. That would be Flipping my classroom and the use of VR. Not the easiest things to instigate but Oh the dividends yielded #LTHEchat
  235. A4 Student research conference and poster presentations to all peers...they blew actual conference posters I've seen out of water! #HEAchat
  236. A4 often it's the approach taken by a speaker or presentation technique that I've used rather than a specific idea #LTHEchat
  237. @michaelmunnik #HEAchat #LTHEchat Often difficult to account for time-delay especially when justifying expenses in intervening period😕
  238. A4 Also, student journal idea turned into student research magazine. The enthusiasm and skills students brought to it=amazing! #HEAchat
  239. .@HEA_chat @LTHEchat A4 These Twitter chat topics and links here posted by people taking part. Best CPD ever. #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  240. @paul_w2 do they like the software or do they like being challenged/consulted/engaged? #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  241. A4 learning that there are no 'right' ways but many different ways of teaching and learning practice #HEAchat
  242. A4. Exploring and applying pedagogic strategies employed in conference workshops in my own teaching #LTHEchat  https://twitter.com/hea_chat/status/702592588218433537 
  243. A4 usually more about a change in thinking which develops practice, not single ideas - the sum of the parts greater than bits #LTHEchat
  244. @fmacneill Hi Fiona, yes you too, this @LTHEchat is a Weds night regular thing for me :) #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  245. @anortcliffe @S_J_Lancaster but how do you replicate it then? And improv as an idea generation process doesn't feel optimal? #lthechat
  246. @simonrae I guess if you're on a teach&resrch contract, you're doing other things anyway. Writing, other grant apps. *sigh* Admin #HEAchat
  247. @S_J_Lancaster @paul_w2 True - have never had a lecture block long enough for this to be an issue ... #LTHEchat #HEAchat
  248. Thanks folks someone just became our 400th follower #HEAChat #LTHEchat
  249. Final question coming up… Q5. What are your tips for the #HEAHSC16 delegates rear-view mirror? #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/TIBNJ2wU0d
    Final question coming up… Q5. What are your tips for the #HEAHSC16 delegates rear-view mirror? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/TIBNJ2wU0d
  250. Question 5

  251. Final question coming up… Q5. What are your tips for the #HEAHSC16 delegates rear-view mirror? #LTHEchat #HEAChat https://t.co/TIBNJ2wU0d
    Final question coming up… Q5. What are your tips for the #HEAHSC16 delegates rear-view mirror? #LTHEchat #HEAChat pic.twitter.com/TIBNJ2wU0d
  252. This works on so many levels. going 2 embed this approach too with students as journal editors & reviewers #HEAchat  https://twitter.com/sarahswansails/status/702594237817352192