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On Curation Day

  1. There's a BYOD4L community on #slack that I set up as an experiment. Contact me if you want an invite. #BYOD4L #byod4lchat
  2. @S_J_Lancaster @patlockley you must tell us why. Slack's still "interesting but what do I use it for?" for me. #byod4lchat
  3. @cpjobling @S_J_Lancaster @patlockley We use it for team communication. It can get frustrating if you miss an important message. #BYOD4Lchat
  4. .@BYOD4L Interested in trying slack? There's now a place where you can request an invite: . #BYOD4L #BYOD4Lchat
  5. Using @SlackHQ in Education? How? can you share your Frameworks & Models with the community? #BYOD4L
  6. Podcasting is perfect for people with big ideas. Here's how to do it  via @nuzzel thanks @horrocks_simon
  7. Have you experimented with academic podcasting? Any recommendations we should follow up?  #highered
  8. Lots of devices and apps allow audio recording. Standard iPhone voice message app is pretty good. #BYOD4L #highered. 
  9. Trello came up in the #BYOD4Lchat last night. Here's a public Trello board for #BYOD4L if you want to try it! 
  10. @cpjobling I quite like Trello but prefer DropTask - the group view looks pretty & you can put a big tick through stuff thats done! #BYOD4L
  11. @egillaspy will need to checkout DropTask too though now :-) #BYOD4L
  12. Overcoming "filter failure" @nuzzel feed:  -- The top news stories shared by my friends - thanks @the_markness!
  13. #BYOD4L- what i have learnt (with images, tweets) · seller06 - Storify  via @nuzzel thanks @becksell2001
  14. We set up a Slack team for #BYOD4L - go to  if you want to join and try it. byod4l - Sla… 
  15. Trello was also mentioned on #BYOD4Lchat last night so I created a public Trello board for BYOD4L if you want to t… 
  16. On Curating I tend to use twitter when I have time and rely on hashtags, e.g. for events or tweetchats as filters,… 
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