Examples of useful curated resources (BYOD4L Jan 2016)

At Thursday's #BYOD4Lchat and #LTHEchat we where asked to share examples of useful curated resources. As an exercise in curation, I thought I'd produce a Storify of that question in order to produce a list of the recommended collections.

  1. Why I created this

  2. Could another mini challenge be to curate our own take on this tweetchat? #LTHEchat #byod4lchat
  3. Yes you could! Could be Storify + digital narrative or embed tweets in a blogpost + narrative #LTHEchat #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/cpjobling/status/687376433828728832 
  4. @RissaChem well yes ... but don't you need to reflect and add value for yourself too? #LTHEchat ... and we're here to lean :-) #byod4lchat
  5. Challenge accepted!

  6. Q6 please share an example of a useful curate resource #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat
  7. A6 Curated Pinterest boards - some for me, those I share and some for teaching  https://uk.pinterest.com/suebecks/  #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat
  8. I was clearly wrong to talk about tools!
  9. @BYOD4L A6 OneNote useful to me ... but I've discovered it has some limitations for social curation #LTHEchat so I'll say diigo #byod4lchat
  10. #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat A6. I'll recommend @wakelet again for this one, worth a look
  11. A6 I read this more specifically. Let's share our favourite examples? #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat
  12. Ha! I'd seen it as a typo share your favourite curation [tool] but it's clear that it should have been curated resource.
  13. Things to investigate from tonight’s chat: @Kurately, @ThingLink, @wakelet & @TweetChat. So much for dinner then, eh? #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat
  14. @GSBSgary no need to miss dinner "After all tomorrow's another day" as Scarlett O'Hara would say! #LTHEchat #byod4lchat
  15. @cpjobling That’s easy to say but "hmm, this looks interesting; just 5 more minutes…" is even easier!! 😳 #BadHabits #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat
  16. How I made this

  17. Are there any tools that can untangle the conversations from a tweet chat? #LTHEchat #BYOD4Lchat
  18. @cpjobling Click the link to an individual Tweet to see it in timeline context - is that what you mean? https://t.co/Qg3FYZX8Gg
    @cpjobling Click the link to an individual Tweet to see it in timeline context - is that what you mean? pic.twitter.com/Qg3FYZX8Gg
  19. @cpjobling that's where the curator comes in! Have you tried searching for hashtag + A1 on @Storify ?
  20. I took a combination of @S_J_Lancaster and @CSBS_Gary's advice to create this storify.

  21. Wow, time is up. Thank you for joining tonight’s #BYOD4Lchat #LTHEchat everyone
  22. My next task is to embed this in a blog post. Anyone want to help?
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