1. On board & onwards! The experts are now talking #OneNote! Join them w/ the hashtag #OneNoteQ! https://t.co/e795AOZAYi
    On board & onwards! The experts are now talking #OneNote! Join them w/ the hashtag #OneNoteQ! pic.twitter.com/e795AOZAYi
  2. Welcome back everyone! #OneNote passion is global. Please send us a quick hello in your own language! 
#OneNoteQ https://t.co/YlGBurG19d
    Welcome back everyone! #OneNote passion is global. Please send us a quick hello in your own language! #OneNoteQ pic.twitter.com/YlGBurG19d
  3. Follow #OneNoteQ and join the OneNote experts right NOW for an on-boarding TweetMeet. #MIEexpert #edchatie https://t.co/6R1rPyxBOQ
    Follow #OneNoteQ and join the OneNote experts right NOW for an on-boarding TweetMeet. #MIEexpert #edchatie pic.twitter.com/6R1rPyxBOQ
  4. Hello!  Halo! Cjao! Woot! Our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet has begun! Welcome all. Glad you are here! https://t.co/QVnwXd66bo
    Hello! Halo! Cjao! Woot! Our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet has begun! Welcome all. Glad you are here! pic.twitter.com/QVnwXd66bo
  5. Woooo hoooo! Greetings from Atlanta! Ready for my first TweetMeet! #OneNoteQ #MIEexpert #edchatie
  6. Hallo allemaal! Ik doe alles in #OneNote. Fijn om iedereen te zien! #OneNoteQ (that's #Dutch!)
  7. Hello from Illinois ready for the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet, lunchtime here, making this a lunch & learn session #OneNote #MIEExpert
  8. Tammy from California, multi-tasking but here! :-) #OneNoteQ
  9. @OneNoteEDU can't a section in a class onenote be setup to give notifications when new content is added #OneNoteQ
  10. @OneNoteC Dia dhuit and Bonjour from Ireland and France #OneNoteQ
  11. Okay, all ready? Q1 What is the best Microsoft #OneNote training you received and who shared it with you? Details welcome! #OneNoteQ
  12. @lmlougheed @HSpringsSTEM Welcome and thanks for joining the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! Be sure to add our hashtag: #OneNoteQ!
  13. @PeterHTodd @OneNoteEDU Currently, new content is bold and highlighted in light green when added in a class notebook #OneNoteQ
  14. Hello everyone! Excited to be here for the second #OneNoteQ TweetMeet with all the #MIEExpert & friends. I'm your @Office365 education guy!
  15. Welcome to the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet everyone. We're all so glad you're here. Don't forget to use the #OneNoteQ hashtag, ok?
  16. @mtholfsen @OneNoteEDU yeah but it doesn't alert students to go and look. An app notification to their device would be fantastic #OneNoteQ
  17. @PeterHTodd @OneNoteEDU What type of equation are you trying to use specifically? #OneNoteQ
  18. @OneNoteC actively looking for local trainer with edu background here - hard to come by as yet #OneNoteQ
  19. @OneNoteEDU can we get a Staff Notebook add-in just like the Class Notebook add-in for the functionality? Please and Thank you #OneNoteQ
  20. Oh wow! @Nurph is REALLY cool! Kinda reminds me of Tweetdeck! #OneNoteQ
  21. @OneNoteC #OneNoteQ Q1 I loved the online training available on Microsoft Virtual Academy and MEC. Could go at my own pace #MIEExpert
  22. @PeterHTodd @OneNoteEDU We hope to bring the same notifications feature we have for MS Account to Office 365 in the future #OneNoteQ
  23. Good evening from Mitchelstown Ireland where I am enjoying Long Service Leave from Hamilton, Victoria Australia #OneNoteQ
  24. @APSITFelisa @OneNoteEDU What functionaility are you wanting? You can use the Add-in on Staff Notebooks today #OneNoteQ
  25. #OneNoteQ is it possible to add a new section in a class notebook without adding a new blank page?
  26. @margaretsimkin Thanks for joining us! We look forward to answering any questions you may have. #OneNoteQ
  27. @vangampelaere Welcome! Thanks for joining. Glad you are here for our #OneNoteQ Tweetmeet!
  28. It would be Nice to be able to share onenote templates for meetings. A fixed structuren in the notebook. #OneNoteQ
  29. @APSITFelisa You can do all of that by using the Class Noteobok Add-in with a Staff Notebook #OneNoteQ
  30. @vangampelaere yes, fixed templates sound great for coordinating across school #OneNoteQ
  31. #OneNoteQ How can I create a classnotebook which is populated by many teachers but also shared to different classes? Only want to see my Ss
  32. How close are you to allowing us to EMBED a Forms survey into OneNote rather than just a link to it? #onenoteq
  33. @somethingwithin Renita, thank you so much for joining the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.
  34. .@vangampelaere we are looking into this. Have you tried sharing templates by publishing them to  https://docs.com/en-us  ? #OneNoteQ
  35. Would so love to be able to organize my bookshelf in mmsonenote maybe to collapse like I can pages?💜 #OneNoteQ
  36. @sandiadams AMEN to the organize #OneNoteQ bookshelf!!! Great suggestion!
  37. @TammyDunbar @kurtsoeser Just copy the "Send Form" link that a user would click to open it and then put it right into #OneNote #OneNoteQ
  38. @SavvidouHelen You can use the "Distribute Content Library" to copy across. Also, the Teacher-Only" section can be used to store #OneNoteQ
  39. The @Nurph view is really nice. After the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet is over, you can play back an animated version at  http://nurph.com/OneNoteQ/replay?chat_id=3444 
  40. We used to organise meetings within SharePoint. Are there best practices to do formal and structured meetings with onenote? #OneNoteQ
  41. Excited to play with this new tool, @Nurph!Loving the playback option! Definitely going to try this out! #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/OneNoteC/status/773209848288841728 
  42. Thanks @OneNoteEDU #OneNoteQ for the constant updates and changes - thanks for listening and supporting
  43. Trying to insert @OfficeMixTeam but it only displays hyperlink not live mix. What causes this? #OneNoteQ
  44. @arbar13 @TammyDunbar @kurtsoeser yes, has been there for a while though doesn't embed properly on online version #OneNoteQ
  45. #onenoteq does dock to desktop work with Microsoft Edge? I am trying to use linked notes
  46. Q2: I have the #OneNote Teacher Academy Badge. It allowed me to REALLY see what OneNote had to offer!Dove in feet 1st! #OneNoteQ
  47. Many #OneNote engineers and managers are participating in the #OneNoteQ TweetMeets and monitoring your tweets. Go ahead and engage!
  48. @TammyDunbar @arbar13 there're definitely inconsistencies, though. Let me down in a training event 🙄 #OneNoteQ
  49. #OneNoteQ Can you push updates for the OneNote app on Windows 10? I have a student without updates. No glitter text. 😩
  50. @APSITFelisa The thanks belong to you and the growing number of users! It's your GREAT feedback that allows us to grow. #OneNoteQ
  51. Can Mac users get the same #OneNote functionality???? Pretty PLEASE???? #OneNoteQ
  52. Agreed with @APSITMELISSA, I feel using a mac doesn't allow me to profit from OneNote's full potential. #OneNoteQ
  53. I TOTALLY agree with needing some MAC love! Our coworker @APSITFelisa can do cool things that we can't! LOL @APSITMELISSA #OneNoteQ
  54. using Learning Tools dictate feature but seems to quickly buffer & deteriorates quickly, better in 1 minute chunks, any tricks #OneNoteQ
  55. @tomgrissom Are you on the GA build (1.09) that came out last month? What OS/machine are you on? #OneNoteQ
  56. @OneNoteC Educators should be using Class Notebook. Amazing tool and even better when using Office 2016 and add-on tools #OneNoteQ
  57. @mtholfsen Able to change the color of the notebook would be a nice start. #OneNoteQ
  58. Fantastic to hear! Anything more you think would be helpful to add in the training? #onenoteQ  https://twitter.com/Lanny_Watkins/status/773212495297277954 
  59. @mtholfsen would love to be able to "send to onenote" from my outlook email! #OneNoteQ
  60. Best training is the kind that assesses where Ts are so we can start there. Some need to take it slow to gain confidence! #onenoteq
  61. .@mtholfsen using Enterprise Desktop 2016 MSO 16.0.4405.1000 on Windows 10 #OneNoteQ
  62. Instead of creating a separate notebook to hold content, teacher only section is amazing! #OneNoteQ #OneNote
  63. @mtholfsen If you want a very specific answer, I would like Epocrates+ Calculators implemented, very basic but extremely useful. #OneNoteQ
  64. @tomgrissom What version of the Add-in - can you check Help and Feedback --> About and tell m the version? #OneNoteQ
  65. @EasiPC_Paul Which add-on tools would you recommend? We are just starting #rookie #OneNoteQ @OneNoteC
  66. What would you like to see in #OneNote or what do you wish you could do that you currently can't?#OneNoteQ #MIEExpert
  67. @EasiPC_Paul Would love 4 #onenote to be a more visually appealing! It's an awesome tool but would love more "glitter!" #imagirl #OneNoteQ
  68. @OneNoteEDU I like glitter - can we get the updated Ink features without windows 10 download? #OneNoteQ
  69. I would like to have OneNote assessment to help us when we are training a group to anticipate their needs #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/tammydunbar/status/773213182089388033 
  70. My #OneNote Tip: quickly draw a straight line in any color with AutoCorrect. Works in OneNote 2013/2016 #OneNoteQ
  71. @RheaFlohr @OneNoteC I highly recommend opening the Class Notebook with the desktop version of @OneNoteEDU and using the tools #OneNoteQ
  72. When will the newly released features for the #OneNote app be released for #OneNote2016? #OneNoteQ
  73. Anyone has experience with adding voice clips/audio to their OneNote pages? Or general lecture recording? #OneNoteQ
  74. @OneNoteEDU @EasiPC_Paul I have not from my MacBook yet but am excited about doing so! #OneNoteQ
  75. @MikeMunski yep, getting a little muddled w desktop/browser/app features, students too :( #OneNoteQ
  76. @lmlougheed @HSpringsSTEM We're happy you are here too! What is your best #OneNoteQ Tip & Trick at @HSpringsSTEM
  77. #OneNoteQ I love using the new Snip tool and Office Lens with OneNote
  78. @apsitnatasha We figured that you might enjoy it, since you're looking to add more glitter to your OneNote. 😊 #OneNoteQ
  79. #OneNote Tip: you can distribute *any* notebook page to a student section using the Distribute Page > Cross Notebook Dist feature #OneNoteQ
  80. @tomgrissom Do you an "Update" button on the toolbar? #OneNoteQ Best is to uninstall current addin, download from  http://onenote.com/learningtools 
  81. @skemnitz What other OneNote features do you enjoy using? #OneNoteQ
  82. I absolutely love the send to OneNote from outlook feature and print to OneNote @OneNoteEDU #OneNoteQ teachers love this feature!
  83. We run our IT department monthly meetings through #onenote. The collaboration piece has yet to be found anywhere else! #OneNoteQ
  84. #OneNoteQ I create all my pages in OneNote 2016 and ink on my iPad Pro. Pencil works great with it!
  85. First time I have heard of Office Lens myself, time to investigate #OneNoteQ
  86. On a similar note, is it possible to password-lock certain OneNote pages/notebooks? #OneNoteQ
  87. @APSITMELISSA @skemnitz #OfficeLens is now available on all your devices in app stores! It even sends notes to your Class Notebook #OneNoteQ
  88. @tomgrissom We made some improvements in the final version of Learning Tools so that is probably part of it #OneNoteQ
  89. #OneNoteQ the best thing about office lens is that you can scan anything and send it directly to any section on OneNote! So efficient.
  90. Popular with our staff who are developing there notebooks using their Word worksheets as Ss use inking #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/APSITFelisa/status/773216799236169728 
  91. @arbar13 @skemnitz 😄 Wooooo hooooo!!! Thanks for sharing that piece of #OneNoteQ goodness! ✨
  92. OfficeLens even allows u to take a photo of whiteboard and autocorrects it for you Great for sending last minute notes to OneNote #OneNoteQ
  93. @vicentgadea I would love for you share your top #OneNote Tip&Trick in our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet? Any top tips you want to share? Q3
  94. @LBayne @HSpringsSTEM #OneNoteQ My Ss have loved to learn using the Review/Research in their notebook.
  95. Catch up on our first #OneNote TweetMeet of the day. Also, don't forget our next #OneNoteQ tweetmeet is 4:00PM PT!  https://twitter.com/APSITMELISSA/status/773218251920801792 
  96. @SavvidouHelen That autocorrect feature just blew me off of my feet!!!! #OneNoteQ
  97. My brain is about to explode from all of that #OneNoteQ GOODNESS during the past hour! LOTS to learn!!!! Thanks!!!
  98. Play back this entire #OneNoteQ TweetMeet session using this public, animated playback link from @Nurph:  http://nurph.com/OneNoteQ/replay?chat_id=3444  #OneNote
  99. @OneNoteEDU has changed how schools do their planning and work collaboratively #OneNoteQ
  100. I am in overload mode - thanks for ALL the great info @OneNoteEDU #OneNoteQ
  101. Just finished my first #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! Exhausted but ready to go play with #OneNote!!! #MIEExpert @Microsoft_EDU
  102. Okay everyone, it's a wrap. Thank you all so much for joining. Don't forget there's another #OneNoteQ TweetMeet session at 4PM PDT!
  103. Really nice this #tweetmeet Thanks for sharing! @OneNoteC @OneNoteEDU see you next month! #onenoteq
  104. thank you to all for an informative #OneNoteQ TweetMeet, learned some new things & have a few new items to tryout #kol
  105. @tomgrissom We learned a lot from everyone who joined us. Thank you! #OneNoteQ
  106. @RheaFlohr See you next month, Rhea! Thanks for taking part in today's #OneNoteQ TweetMeet. 😊
  107. @eilymurphy Thanks for joining us, Eily! Are you planning to attend next month's #OneNoteQ TweetMeet?  http://off365.ms/AqtAwf 
  108. A3: Love PRINT TO ONENOTE! I use it to keep Lesson plans organized as well as important emails! #onenoteq
  109. @OneNoteEDU will have to get Teacher Academy badge and take it from there, I think #OneNoteQ
  110. We're having so much fun with these #OneNoteQ TweetMeets, we've marked our calendars already. Will we see you then? https://t.co/jeA6xj3I2I
    We're having so much fun with these #OneNoteQ TweetMeets, we've marked our calendars already. Will we see you then? pic.twitter.com/jeA6xj3I2I
  111. Join us on Twitter for a TweetMeet! Starting at 4:00 PM PDT. Follow or participate using #OneNoteQ  http://soc.fm/VTm9YqJD  #edtech
  112. @dmanakhov @TheIdeaPump #OneNoteQ Problem is Mac OneNote is gimped (by design?) and may always be, given Microsoft's history with Mac stuff.
  113. #OneNoteQ Will we ever have near-parity on OneNote for Mac? Hard to switch from Evernote in the meantime. :(
  114. Still discovering fantastic #OneNote Tips & Tricks from our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet. Thank you all & keep sharing w/ us!  https://twitter.com/townesy77/status/773318816021438464 
  115. Great Tips & Tricks today from our #OneNote power users, just search #OneNoteQ TweetMeet hashtag for more!  https://twitter.com/sig225/status/773304411875643392 
  116. @SummerWinrotte I will reach out and let you know! I will be in Indiana all this week and next - would love to come by and visit #OneNoteQ
  117. @CVSTech ahh, no! I can understand how Insert Space could be valuable for you! What was your fav Tip &Trick from today's #OneNoteQ TweetMeet
  118. @sig225 @SummerWinrotte thanks for sharing your wisdom and expertise today in our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! Proud to have such great #MIEExperts
  119. Thanks for joining today's #OneNote TweetMeet! Save the date for our next #OneNoteQ on October 4th. 10/4 PT #MSFTEdu https://t.co/x2ogDIVhvJ
    Thanks for joining today's #OneNote TweetMeet! Save the date for our next #OneNoteQ on October 4th. 10/4 PT #MSFTEdu pic.twitter.com/x2ogDIVhvJ
  120. @OneNoteC @corbetsy I did earned the badge.. went straight to the quiz, been using #onenoteq since 2006
  121. true, again platforms shoudnt matter. we teach students to be platform independent, and thats where #onenoteq shines  https://twitter.com/TheIdeaPump/status/773312158302101504 
  122. Thanks for joining today's #OneNote TweetMeet! Save the date for our next #OneNoteQ on October 4th. #MSFTEDU https://t.co/lndT5nmd7P
    Thanks for joining today's #OneNote TweetMeet! Save the date for our next #OneNoteQ on October 4th. #MSFTEDU pic.twitter.com/lndT5nmd7P
  123. Thanks, everyone, exciting to see and hear what everyone is doing #OneNoteQ #MIEExpert
  124. @TheIdeaPump exactly... that's why #onenoteq is hardware independent. you can run it on any platform
  125. Another great #OneNoteQ session! Great discussion and wealth of resources!
  126. @MikeMunski #OneNoteQ email page(s) to missing students (attachments auto), links docs +other notebooks, add-ins for distribute + lrng tools
  127. . @ibpossum @mtholfsen I echo Rachel, except I have fantasy fb draft not a class! Thanks, all. #OneNoteQ
  128. thanks everyone & the #OneNoteQ moderators for another great TweetMeet, #OneNoteRocks
  129. @MikeMunski I have a class going now. I would be interested also the suggestions #OneNoteQ
  130. @MgHelio @TheIdeaPump #OneNoteQ With ClassNotebook add-in(s), more custom ways to differentiate, easier grading views S to S, tagging, more
  131. @MikeMunski Class Notebook add-in is a MUST for the classroom T & 'Send to OneNote' print function, shows efficiency capabilities. #OneNoteQ
  132. This went by so fast! Good news is: we'll be back Oct 4th. Add all #OneNoteQ TweetMeets to your calendar:  http://onen.link/2ayFRM7  #OneNote
  133. Good information everyone. Nice to see what academia is doing with OneNote. Thanks! #onenoteq
  134. @townesy77 It'll be interesting to see what they do from an improvement standpoint. #onenoteq
  135. Fantastic #OneNote STEM and Game Design Tips&Tricks today in our #OneNoteQ TweetMeet Thanks for sharing Jason!  https://twitter.com/Jasonthegodman/status/773308551724871680 
  136. Got to go teach a class - thanks heaps @mtholfsen & all the #OneNote crew - love your work & love your ways. Ka Kite Ano #OneNoteQ
  137. Teaching a class via Class Notebook. T's excited to see the possibilities for them! Any features that are a must mention?#OneNoteQ #Onenote
  138. @TheIdeaPump makes sense on mobile but wastes space on browser IMO #OneNoteQ
  139. .@sig225 now that Windows 10 Anniversary Update is out I've been waiting for new Wacom digital pens to show up, have you seen any? #OneNoteQ
  140. @TheIdeaPump @art Gelwicks #OneNoteQ Use it for carousel writing to practice intros, claims, sentence revision-overlay rubric Ss revise
  141. @townesy77 They might move it but from a browser perspective I'd be surprised if they did. It matches the mobile interface. #onenoteq
  142. @MgHelio Thanks...I'm very comfortable with OneNote as a tool. I was more curious about the classroom specific aspects. #onenoteq
  143. #OneNoteQ is there an intention to move OneNote online sections from left to top like in other versions? It confuses so many
  144. Our @CherokeeSchools Superintendent @drbvh24 is a @OneNoteEDU ninja. Helps to have support from the top! #OneNoteQ
  145. #OneNoteQ OneNote on tablet will not allow me to delete pages: Cannot delete while syncing - error. Help?
  146. #OneNoteQ for you: I am looking forward to seeing how Delve Analytics interacts with #OneNoteClass -what will surface from use/interactions?
  147. @SummerWinrotte @debrajoh #OneNoteQ If you use maps, nice to have map page and lesson plan page linked to show correlation to learning goals
  148. @TheIdeaPump Google Classroom is more like a facebook for class. Scroll to find things. OneNote is whole Notebook/easier format #OneNoteQ
  149. @mtholfsen @dmanakhov @MgHelio #OneNoteQ That's what we do, too; same sign-in as for the LMS we use; high school
  150. @MikeMunski It is pretty easy to use - I love being able to ink or record right on to the snip & then save it as is. #onenoteQ #surfaceedu
  151. How does ClassNotebook compare to Google Classroom? Anybody have experience with both? #onenoteq
  152. Once Mac gets a stylus, people will realize pens are cool & they wanted one all along & were just waiting for Apple to invent them #OneNoteQ
  153. @CVSTech @townesy77 AHHHHH!! How did I not know this? That is why I keep learning. There is always more to know, a better way #OneNoteQ
  154. Anyone using OneNote to teach short story or article writing? #onenoteq
  155. @tomgrissom @sig225 @OneNoteC Right, the more diversified the support the greater the access. #onenoteq
  156. @MikeMunski @OneNoteC I am biased to the office mix snip tool - so versatile :) #OneNoteQ
  157. @dmanakhov @MgHelio Parents can use the kid O365 IDs to view info if they want. Parent access is something we're looking at #OneNoteQ
  158. #OneNote is not just a collection of folders/files that need description or explanation - it's a complete narrative of the course #OneNoteQ
  159. #OneNoteQ a2 I like the idea of flipping PD with the MEC course. Staff complete before coming to F2F PD to discuss and plan OneNote awesome
  160. .@sig225 @TheIdeaPump @OneNoteC agree, many device options, some at lower prices, can also use smartphones for primitive inking #OneNoteQ
  161. @dmanakhov so you grab a view link and they are able to see the content lib and collaboration space? #OneNoteQ
  162. Q3: Exporting last year's #OneNoteClass & handing to new teacher to use next year - sees all Ts & Ss work in context #OneNoteQ
  163. @skemnitz This is "by design" in that all sections have to have a blank page when created #OneNoteQ
  164. @skemnitz #OneNoteQ Always happens to me; usually only the first time something is distributed
  165. A3 it's simple but linking from page to page and/or the table of contents one tactic add in is very helpful #OneNoteQ
  166. Replay this second #OneNoteQ TweetMeet session using the public, animated playback link from @Nurph:  http://onen.link/2bROk10  #OneNote
  167. @debrajoh One of the first things I show. It shows the efficiency of #OneNote for T lesson planning. #OneNoteQ #edtech
  168. @sig225 @tomgrissom @OneNoteC I have one instance running on a Nextbook. Sub $200 and desktop app. Not shabby at all. #onenoteq
  169. @SummerWinrotte @LBayne Have them use a different pen colour the 2nd time through to distinguish their progress #OneNoteQ
  170. @TheIdeaPump @tomgrissom @OneNoteC pen-based #OneNote not limited to Surfaces; I use on a cheap HP tablet. Not as elegant, tho. #OneNoteQ
  171. I have a problem with OneNote for classrooms. When I add a section and then send pages, there is always a blank page on top. #OneNoteQ
  172. .@TheIdeaPump @OneNoteC at first we shape our tools, thereafter they shape us, yes can be complicated, healthy to question #OneNoteQ
  173. #OneNoteQ Do you have any tutorials for using a shared OneNote notebook via SharePoint?
  174. A3) It would be nice to an embed code feature #onenoteq
  175. #OneNoteQ a3 I like having two instances of Onenote open when working across two notebooks. Right-click icon in taskbar to open 2nd
  176. @SummerWinrotte #OneNoteQ Since you're relatively new, is this tip THE tip you'd give someone using OneNote for the first week? Or other?
  177. @dmanakhov That's admirable, but your student are coming to join me in the workplace, hence my concern. :) #onenoteq
  178. @tomgrissom @sig225 @OneNoteC Not every school can afford Surfaces. Why limit OneNote if they can't buy? #onenoteq
  179. @sig225 ahHa! Thx. Been too long for me and equations. Thanks for the detail! Wonder if @SummerWinrotte agrees for her math class? #OneNoteQ
  180. I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm curious about adding a parent login functionality. View only with ability to email T's? #OneNoteQ
  181. @TheIdeaPump i'm not worried about workplace. i'm an educator. #onenoteq changes classroom for better and that's what's most important to me
  182. .@sig225 @TheIdeaPump @OneNoteC thought processes are different w Pen #OneNoteQ why limit input methods when devices like Surface exist
  183. What can be done to help schools recognize OneNote value as related to cost for the supporting platform? #onenoteq
  184. @OneNoteC the translation tool is very helpful for some students. #OneNoteQ
  185. @OneNoteC A1: Self-Trained outside of an hour initial training #OneNoteQ #OneNote
  186. #OneNoteQ A3: Too many to list in 140 characters. I recently hacked Learning Tools to transcribe audio or video files using dictation
  187. @MikeMunski I use OfficeLens from my cell phone. Works like a charm. #OneNoteQ
  188. A3. Outlook send to OneNote. Also ability to create custom templates #OneNoteQ
  189. @LBayne Math Ss often make leaps of logic or errors... insert space lets them expand/correct in an "opened up" space in their work #OneNoteQ
  190. @dmanakhov @CaryAcademy But are they advocates strong enough to compel it's use in the workplace? #onenoteq
  191. A whole team of #OneNote experts, engineers and @OneNoteEDU specialists is ready to engage with you. Go right ahead ;-) #OneNoteQ
  192. @tomgrissom @OneNoteC Don't assume I'm dismissing. Just remember tech adoption is complicated by access. #onenoteq
  193. A3: Abs Fav-When lesson planning print to OneNote. No reopening or inserting via menu necessary! TA DA! 💜 #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/onenotec/status/773302771177164800 
  194. @mtholfsen 16.0.7167.2040 I assume you asked as it's a possibility with a newer version. Finally upgraded to current channel! #OneNoteQ
  195. .@TheIdeaPump they will.. @CaryAcademy students take #Onenoteq skills beyond high school and into college. it's been proven
  196. .@TheIdeaPump @OneNoteC trapped by "we've always do it this way" approach, many dismiss the Surface without experiencing benefits #OneNoteQ
  197. A) Embedding forms and youtube videos directly into @msonenote pages. Ss don't have to leave their page! #onenoteq  https://twitter.com/OneNoteC/status/773302771177164800 
  198. @MikeMunski #OneNoteQ Use the "Insert Pictures" and "Insert Online Pictures" files overlay page, click to select and insert; tie to Flickr
  199. I will mention once again the need to organize my many notebooks on the bookshelf. Collapsing like pages? #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/arbar13/status/773303444564086784 
  200. Not arguing the merits of digital ink in the classroom. Quest. is when they're not in the classroom, will they still use OneNote? #onenoteq
  201. @MDSAJohnson @TheIdeaPump NO comparison for many areas:science,art,math Digital ink of #Surface takes it 2 another level. #OneNoteQ #Surface
  202. @TheIdeaPump @tomgrissom @OneNoteC They're in the classroom to learn though ... and learning works best with a pen not a keyboard. #OneNoteQ
  203. @OneNoteC My fave is definitely being able to pin the notebooks on the left side so you have your bookshelf. Easy to forget this! #OneNoteQ
  204. @hpalmersheim Good point. The disconnects between the two cause lots of issues. #onenoteq
  205. A3 #OneNote 2016 tip: put your favorite commands in the Quick Access Toolbar, then access them with keyboard shortcuts Alt+1 etc! #OneNoteQ
  206. A3) audio feedback is hands down soooo good. Also that just anything and everything can go in the #onenote #OneNoteQ
  207. @OneNoteC Q3: Insert Space is your best friend as a teacher/student Q3: Get WebClipper Q3: Get OfficeLens #OneNoteQ
  208. @TheIdeaPump our issue is that 365 accounts don't work in the App Store so they have to use the full client #OneNoteQ
  209. A2) Loving the new MEC site, great to point staff to them - but exams are hard to sit in NZ - need to fly to Auckland. #OneNoteQ
  210. @tomgrissom @OneNoteC Appreciated, but if the only time they encounter the digital pen is in the classroom, I have to wonder. #onenoteq
  211. .@OneNoteC @TheIdeaPump I am biased to the digital Pen as a thinking tool, we do a disservice to learners by limiting modalities #OneNoteQ
  212. If MSFT strengthens the browser version it will expand the use base significantly. #onenoteq
  213. Can we pick your brain a little bit? Q3 What are your favorite #OneNote tips, hacks and tricks every educator should know about? #OneNoteQ
  214. What's the easiest way to get pictures in #Onenote? Ever a thought to have OneNote have a camera feature that imports directly? #OneNoteQ
  215. @sig225 You get to do this #OneNote course with one eye closed, Cal. #OneNoteQ
  216. @hpalmersheim Microsoft is talking about unification, but what specifically that entails is unknown. #onenoteq
  217. Is there plans to rollout the Math function from the app to the client version? #OneNoteQ
  218. @townesy77 @OneNoteEDU And I love to see that you also have given back by making incredible videos now! #OneNoteQ pic.twitter.com/7WYntnWrOu
  219. @TheIdeaPump Let's ask @tomgrissom to weigh in on this question about Surface vs ChromeBooks #OneNote #OneNoteQ
  220. another #OneNoteQ resource: Magic View-Only OneNote Notebook  https://docs.com/dr-grissom/5556/pedagogy365-magic-view-only-onenote-notebook  purely pushing T content out to Ss but easy to update
  221. A2) Embedding the MS virtual academy modules within the course page was a nice touch! Easy access was key! #onenoteq
  222. How do you handle costing justifications of Surfaces vs. Chromebooks? #onenoteq
  223. .@SummerWinrotte obvious for me as a math teacher - but Eng & Language teachers forget how easy it is to use a pen over a keyboard #OneNoteQ
  224. Did you know you can upload a local MP4 onto a #Sway, then embed that Sway into a #OneNote page? cc @Mer_Townsend #OneNoteQ
  225. @OkeYou #OneNoteQ Use the Class Notebook add-in, with latest updates; then, use the "Distribute" button to get to individual Ss
  226. How are kids using OneNote outside the classroom? #onenoteq
  227. #OneNoteQ I like that it provides further opportunity for ideas for the classroom beyond the basic how-to
  228. @SummerWinrotte no way!!! And already made a music video? IMPRESSIVE! #OneNoteQ
  229. @TheIdeaPump @sig225 We place a sharing link on our parent portals or in emails so parent can see where we are up to :) #OneNoteQ
  230. #OneNoteQ Success with helping Ts side by side to discover OneNote-amazed how many have not explored despite it being deployed to all of us
  231. #OneNote singlehandedly made 1:1 a viable, efficient, productive, paperless, cost-effective, parent-active learning evnironment #OneNoteQ
  232. #OneNoteQ so many great online resources for teachers new to #OneNote, I currently suggest people start at  https://education.microsoft.com/GetTrained/OneNoteOne-Stop 
  233. I use it in the workplace as an information share for teams. Excellent parallel for the classroom. #onenoteq
  234. Please use the #OneNoteQ hashtag so that we can all follow your conversations! #OneNote
  235. No other app has come close to impact of seeing student (& faculty) learning develop on #OneNote augmented by seamless feedback #OneNoteQ
  236. @sig225 "sink or swim" then? All methods are intriguing me! A1 #OneNoteQ
  237. @DC_STEMTastic Released at ISTE in June, check it out, it's awesome! #OneNoteQ
  238. #OneNoteQ how would you publish a #OneNote to students and give them weekly updates and in sync .. Can't understand the #classroom
  239. Build a OneNote notebook as a training guide and learn by using the tool as the tutor. #onenoteq
  240. @ibpossum DM me your email and I will hook you up with our Surface EDU contact #OneNoteQ
  241. No I'm self taught but that's one of my specialties. I'd suggest training for anyone trying to get up to speed fast. #onenoteq
  242. @LBayne @OneNoteEDU a little bit of how-to demo plus we were given paper guides. After that, twitter and YouTube were my trainers #OneNoteQ
  243. A1) I got trained via MIE trainer academy by the GOAT @sandiadams #OneNoteQ
  244. #OneNoteQ the DER training was delivered across our region so we could collaborate with other teachers #A1
  245. Hello #OneNoteQ people from Steven in Perth, Western Australia. I trained myself and now train others in OneNote - I use it for everything!
  246. Was introduced to @msonenote by @cmsaxon years ago and grew along with it. @arbar13 @mtholfsen total mentors & @FredaWilliams twin #OneNoteQ
  247. As soon as I shared my first collaborative #OneNote w/ students & watched their math evolve on the page, I knew it was the future #OneNoteQ
  248. I was handed a copy of #OneNote in 2003/4 by our IT Director at the time and told to "try it out". #OneNoteQ
  249. One of the best ways to learn is hands on examples. #onenoteq
  250. @townesy77 @OneNoteEDU interesting! And how were you trained in OneNote #OneNoteQ Q1
  251. @sig225 Tell me more... are you trying to make the OneNote 2016 app the default version vs. the Windows Store app? #OneNoteQ
  252. @ibpossum I don't quite follow - do you mean the Wireless display adapter...? #OneNoteQ
  253. I learned my doing. No formal training. @mtholfsen was HUGE help! so tkful to have met him last year! #OneNoteQ  https://twitter.com/onenotec/status/773296474465701888 
  254. xSamMarjolein